Last week in Europe 13th June

Analysis by Air Service One suggests that the 11th week of the summer 2022 (S22) season (covering the period Sunday 5 June to Saturday 11 June) saw airlines launch a total of 66 new routes involving European airports, down from 133 in the previous week. Highlights included new transatlantic routes from PLAY (to New York […]

Last week in Europe

Analysis of Eurocontrol data for last week shows a steep drop in European flight operations compared with the previous week. As of 15 January, the seven-day moving average for flights was down 31.3% versus 2019. A week earlier, on 8 January, flights had been down 21.4%. That’s an alarming drop in just one week, reflecting […]

January 17, 2022 | Airlines, Airports, Europe, News & Analysis


There are several ‘rules’ that have defined how Europe’s low-cost carriers operate. These include high aircraft utilisation and no night-stopping of crews. To satisfy both of these rules that has usually meant trying to operate three return flights (or six sectors) in a day, airport curfews permitting. As a result, you might imagine that the […]

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Last Week in Europe Air Service One

The following graph shows how many flights some of Europe’s most significant airlines have been operating compared with the same period in 2019. The sudden volatility in the figures for the last week can be partly explained by the fact that comparison in January 2022 is being made with January 2019 (three years previously) while […]