Aegean’s Q3 capacity is +13%; has added 8+ airports to network; Athens has 87% of seats


The Greek flag carrier Aegean ended 2023 with 15.7 million passengers. It was its best year to date, with traffic up by 5% versus 2019, although the load factor fell to 83.4%. The passenger growth was entirely because of the international market, while the domestic market was lower than before. According to, Aegean (excluding its fully owned Olympic Air unit) has 63 aircraft: 28 A320ceos, 17 A320neos, 13 A321neos and five A321ceos.

Aegean traffic development 2014-2023

Q3 seats are up by 13% year-on-year

Given Greece’s summer-seasonal nature, it is not surprising that Cirium indicates that Q3 2024 (July-September) accounts for 31% of Aegean’s capacity, compared to 18% in Q1. The all-important three months have been growing, with Aegean having 13% more seats than last year; it is its best quarter on record. A growing focus on transfer passengers via Athens has helped.

Analysing Cirium data shows that the following airports will be part of its scheduled network in Q3 2024 but were not served in the same period last year. All of them are from Athens.

  • November 2023: Chișinău, Dubai
  • April 2024: Vilnius
  • June 2024: Kefalonia (supplements Olympic Air’s ATRs), Lemnos (supplements Olympic Air’s ATRs), Palermo, Samos (supplements Olympic Air’s ATRs), Sarajevo

In comparison to Q3 2023, Aegean has stopped flying to Birmingham, Dammam, Ioannina, Kuwait and Lille, and it has all but cut Bristol. However, Kuwait and Lille are served by Aegean’s codeshare partners, while Ioannina still sees Olympic Air’s ATRs.

Almost nine in ten scheduled seats are from Athens

Aegean plans to serve 105 airports on a scheduled basis in Q3 – more when charter flights are included. Inevitably, most of its scheduled capacity – approximately 87% – is from its Athens hub, unchanged from last year. It also has quite a network of inbound tourist routes, both scheduled and charter, across Greece, but especially from Thessaloniki, Heraklion and Rhodes.

Dublin Airport

Of course, Aegean is overwhelmingly the largest operator in the Greek capital, with four in ten seats – a six-times greater share than the number two airline, Sky Express.

Based on having at least four departures, Aegean will fly to 101 destinations from Athens. The domestic market inevitably has the most capacity, both for local traffic and connections. Its international destinations are in 45 countries, with Germany, Italy, Cyprus, France and Spain being the top five.

Top 10 Aegean airports Q3 2024

All of its top routes are from the Greek capital

Seven of Aegean’s most-served airport pairs are domestic, with three international. The 300-kilometre link between Greece’s two most populous cities, Athens and Thessaloniki, is the leading market. It is served 54-weekly in August (mainly 8-daily). Aegean competes directly with Sky Express (31-weekly). It has seen various other airlines in the recent past, including Ryanair (until 2019), Ellinair (until 2021) and Olympic Air (until 2022).

Top 10 Aegean scheduled routes Q3 2024

Isavia Keflavik airport