Prague Airport

Aeroporti di Roma welcomes over 600 onsite delegates at 149th IATA Slot Conference.

IATA Welcome Drink
Ivan Bassato, Chief Aviation Officer ADR and Lara Maughan, Head Worldwide Airport Slots, IATA. Welcomed attendees to the 149th Slot Conference and the first in-person event since 2019.


IATA Welcome
Luke Travica, Manager Future Schedules Network Strategy Qantas Airways, Ian Cardy, LCY and UK Regions BA City Flyer, Tom Screen, Aviation Director Birmingham Airport, Chris Springer, GM Schedules Planning, Christopher Groom, General Manager Commercial Planning


IATA Welcome
Jeff Vernon, Principal Product Manager Sabre and Jeff Popple, Director Product Management Sabre.


IATA Welcome
Claudio Faustini, Airlines Traffic Development Manager, Ivan Bassato Chief Aviation Officer ADR, Federico Scriboni, Head of Aviation Business Development.


Prague International Airport
Welcome IATA
Simon Harley, Head of Business Development London Luton Airport and Karin Butot, CEO The Airport Agency.


IATA Welcome
Luke Hayhoe, London Southend and Jonathan Keenan, Head of Airline Relations MAG.


Sam Sheng World Airline and Sasha Woodward, GTI Ambassador.

London Southend Airport