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Air Service One talks with…. Anna Milanese, Executive Vice President – Accountable Manager, GEAC Spa – Aeroporto Cuneo

Anna Milanese Cuneo Airport

As the new year kicks off and Connect 2024, the first air service development conference of the calendar gets underway in the Piemonte region of Italy, Air Service One was able to get some time with Executive Vice President – Accountable Manager of Aeroporto Cuneo, Anna Milanese.

Anna has been with Aeroporto Cuneo for nearly 20 years!  A familiar face and one of the friendliest personalities in the air service community we were able to talk to her about Aeroporto Cuneo’s performance over the last year as well as their focus moving forward, including the quest for more international routes.

Of course, this wouldn’t be Air Service One talks with, without a few fun questions to get to know her a little more.

Could you give us a short overview on how Cuneo Airport performed in 2023?

2023 was a challenging year for CUF. On the one side we have been facing new exciting perspectives of future development projects and investments thanks to our new private shareholder’s vision. From the other side, we experienced a decrease in volumes due to market constraints by some of the airlines serving our airport. A bitter-sweet year, but with pink hopes for the coming years…

Cuneo Airport aims to handle up to 300,000 passengers per year by 2025. Could you tell us how you plan to achieve this goal?

The secret recipe doesn’t exist yet! In our development plans a crucial point is the effort to increase the synergy with the local stakeholders, focusing activities not just looking at CUF by itself, but at the whole region including all the players in a more concrete and efficient “production-line”, in order to ensure the airlines about the strength of our destination for their network.

Ryanair used to have a larger domestic network out of Cuneo. Is there an opportunity for these routes to be restored?

We would be more than pleased if Ryanair will do that! Our partnership is 16 years long so far and we work together to increase the network. Sometimes it is not so easy though…

In terms of traffic development, which airlines and potential routes are of interest to you?

We are targeting international routes of those markets currently missing or underserved in our catchment area for which we see potential: France, Romania, Poland, Germany, Scandinavia. All the airlines interested are welcome!

You are also planning to put a greater emphasis on cargo traffic?

Indeed, cargo traffic development is a new challenging target for us. The new masterplan we are working on will include it. Our airport offers airfield capacity to be exploited and it is set in a barycentric and strategic position in Southern Europe. These two assets form the key to our cargo development.

What is the predominant passenger structure at your airport? Is it mostly corporate travellers, leisure passengers or visiting friends and family?

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From the most recent analysis we have, 27% of them are corporate travellers, 43% leisure passengers and 30% VFR. Let’s say a balanced situation.

Cuneo Airport recently signed an agreement with sustainable carrier Evia Aero, could you tell us more about this partnership?

It’s a very interesting and innovative project, that we welcomed with enthusiasm in order to be part of the green transition in a very proactive way and as a leading player. At this stage we can’t share many details, but the right time will come soon..

 Air Service Fun Questions

Best place to visit in Italy outside Cuneo?

The Maira Valley (….it is just few km outside Cuneo city!)

Favourite aircraft type?

I should say the A320

Do you prefer the Alitalia green livery or the ITA blue?

The ITA blue one.

Favourite Italian dish?

My mom homemade ravioli and her vitello tonnato.

What country would you like to visit which you haven’t been to yet?

Kerala (India)

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