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Air Service One talks with Finn Groenskov, CEO of PDC A/S ahead of the 149th IATA Slot Conference

PDC A/S is a Denmark-based software company since 1985, specialising in advanced planning, scheduling and operational solutions for the Aviation Industry.
Today, PDC has more than 100 customers within Aviation and offices in Canada, Colombia, UK, Singapore and Denmark to support the many customers around the globe.
The DNA of PDC is advanced technologies combined with a wealth of skilled people from the industry with extensive knowledge and experience.

100+ customers – how have you managed to reach such an impressive milestone during the worst pandemic our industry has been affected by?

We all believe in the light at the end of the tunnel and strive to provide
 cost-effective solutions via community-based developments.
We have kept full support during the crisis for customer accessibility, since our staff have been able to work from home continuing our high level of customer service.

How would you say that COVID has impacted the relationship with the PDC Customer Community? (and how have you been keeping in touch?)

We have strived to support our customers with features in SCORE to help with the effects of the pandemic.

We are a close customer community – we trust and support each other.
It has been difficult since we haven’t been able to meet our customers face to face. We normally hold annual user group meetings, which we had to cancel, but are now resuming. User group meetings are highly appreciated among our customers, where we discuss system insights, knowledge sharing across the community as well as discussions of future developments (user impact development)
We look forward to once again seeing our customers at meetings, conferences, user group meetings etc.
And of course we have had lots of Teams calls!

What have PDC been working on during the pandemic?

We have used the time to enhance our products and develop features that could ease the workflows for our customers who were suddenly experiencing situations they never experienced before – for instance with the complete change of the 80/20 rule for slots! In all our systems for Airlines, Airports and Coordinators we have launched a variety of pandemic support features.
Additionally, we have been able to focus on innovative product development, such as an optimiser for our airline clients, extensive dashboards for a variety of our products, and even launched a new product – which might be one of our most innovative products to this date!

A new product launch during a pandemic? What’s it about and why now?

Costs and cost control is the utmost importance to the industry and especially airlines. So, we have developed a tool to automate airline cost control processes as well as giving airlines a complete overview and detailed break-down of all ground handling and airport charges costs. We believe that given the situation of the industry, we had to launch this product to our customers, so they can boost productivity and save money coming out of the pandemic.

You are one of the founders of PDC – What interests you?

I’m very interested in new technologies and stay up to date on latest technologies.  I’m interested in programming and impressed with the younger generation.  I am thrilled that my son Niels has started at the same technical University that I attended.

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What do you think about the future

I think there is a lot of potential in artificial intelligence.
The DNA of PDC is actually the early stages of artificial intelligence technologies, and we keep having focus on these technologies.
It will be interesting to follow the development of those technologies in the future.

When you are not working what do you like to do?

I like running, swimming, and biking and aim to do a little of each every week. Many years ago, I did an Iron Man and I dream to do another at some point again.
I also enjoy spending time with my grandchildren.

What is special about PDC?

Definitely the people – skilled, committed and customer focused.
Also, the technology stack at PDC, ranging from compiler development, AI-based technologies to advanced planning and scheduling applications.


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