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Airport Capacity Representatives: A New SC Delegate Type


IATA is pleased to advise of a new Slot Conference Delegate Type premiering at the June event – the Airport Capacity Representative, or ACR. Based on the feedback of the airports, coordinators, and airlines at the Worldwide Airport Slot Board (WASB), IATA has introduced this delegate type to help clarify and formalize the role of airports during the 1-to-1 meetings at the Slot Conference.

ACRs are nominated by the relevant coordinator or facilitator to attend meetings with airlines to explain capacity parameters and thus improve the result of initial slot coordination. In order that this information can be best used by all stakeholders, it is first essential that the coordination parameters established by the airport (or other relevant body) be complete and accurate.

Once the ACR has been nominated by their host coordinator or facilitator to attend, they will be provided with a badge identifying them as an ACR and listing their organization name. The ACR is welcome to enter the restricted areas of the event (airline and coordinator rooms) while accompanied by their host.

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To ensure a fair and transparent discussion at the conference, the host must advise the airline via the AppCal note system that the ACR is invited to their appointment. Attendance is always only with the consent of the airline, and for any reason the airline may decline to have the ACR join a particular discussion. Further, to avoid any suggestion of bias, the ACR must not discuss a change of coordination parameters or capacity relevant to the applicable slot coordination season.

IATA’s Head of Worldwide Airport Slots, John Middleton, said: “We’re very pleased to have worked with the WASB on the new ACR process, implementing their feedback to strengthen the conference for all stakeholders. Please check information about this new delegate type on IATA’s website in the SC OAS help page.”

According to the Slot coordination for Lima airport who has nominated an ACR for 154th SC “we welcome the possibility to register the Head of the LAP Airport Control Center, Michael Guzmán, as ACR to cover any issues related to the AIJCH project, considering that the new terminal is scheduled to start running during the W24 season”.

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