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Toulon sees Transavia replace Air France; hello to easyJet and Luxair

Located on the Mediterranean coast in southern France, Toulon is a port city with a significant naval base and is also well-known for its rugby team. It is located around 80 kilometres south-east of Marseille and 110 kilometres south- west of Nice. Officially known as Toulon-Hyères Airport, the facility is actually located on the coast, on the outskirts of the town of Hyères.

Traffic has been relatively stable since 2003 at between 500,000 and 650,000 passengers. In recent years, demand has been around the 500,000 level. The airport is dominated by flights to Paris, with two-thirds of capacity in 2019 on the Paris ORY route and a further 10% allocated to Paris CDG services. Orly was served by Air France with multiple-daily flights. However, at the beginning of this summer season this route was transferred to Transavia .

The next three busiest routes in 2018 and 2019 were to Brest, Brussels CRL and Rotterdam. The Brest route is also about to be transferred from Air France to Transavia.

easyJet, which has not previously served the airport, is launching flights to London LGW on 23 June and Paris CDG on 28 June. Luxair recently began a weekly service from Luxembourg while other seasonal services are provided by Air Corsica (to Corsica), ASL Airlines France (to Algeria), SAS (to Copenhagen) and TUI fly Belgium (to Brest and Brussels CRL). Rotterdam is served by the Dutch part of Transavia.

Toulon Airport Traffic 2000 - 2020

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