Allegiant’s Q2 seats down year-on-year; serves 124 airports; Orlando SFB top airport

Allegiant SFB Launch

Allegiant is the USA’s ninth largest domestic airline in Q2 (April-June) 2024, according to Cirium schedules information. It has about 2% of the market. shows that it has a fleet of 126 A319s and A320s, with Boeing 737 MAX 8s due to enter service in August.

The ULCC’s capacity is up by 10% compared to Q2 2019, against 7% for the domestic market generally. However, things remain very different versus 2023. While the market has grown by 6%, Allegiant is down by 1%. Of the main airlines, only JetBlue is worse (-13%).

Allegiant’s decline, which seems influenced by a lack of pilots, the fuel price, and the overall excessive capacity in the market, at least helps with stronger yields and loads.

Orlando MCO returns in May after 13 years

Analysing Cirium data shows that Allegiant will serve 124 airports in Q2 2024, down by one year-on-year. It will resume flying to Orlando MCO in May, but Owensboro (May 2023) and Reno (January 2024) have exited its network.

While Allegiant uses Orlando SFB for the area, it has a history at MCO, the main facility. It first flew from MCO in 2010 when it had five MD80s at the airport and 10 routes. The experiment was short-lived, and it consolidated at SFB in 2011.

It will return to MCO with three routes: Asheville (3 May; 4-weekly), Allentown (16 May; 2-weekly) and Knoxville (17 May; 2-weekly). It previously served Allentown and Knoxville. As all three airports are served by Allegiant from SFB, it will be interesting to see any cannibalisation impact.

Allegiant route map

Orlando SFB is the number one airport in Q2

Allegiant’s 124 airports are all domestic and in 42 states. Almost six in ten available seats involve Florida. Half of the ULCC’s top 10 airports are in Florida, led by Orlando SFB. Allegiant has 69 SFB routes, up one year-on-year. Owensboro was cut, but two routes have been added: Minot (which began in November 2023) and Rapid City (which starts in May 2024).

Shannon AIrport

According to Cirium, 29 of the 69 SFB destinations are served non-stop from MCO in these three months. They are operated by nine carriers, but especially Southwest (16), Frontier (11) and Spirit (10).

Las Vegas and Nashville have double-digit-plus capacity reductions. Allegiant has 28 Nashville routes, down from 30 in the same quarter last year. Key West, McAllen, Portsmouth, and Roanoke are no longer served, while Fort Lauderdale began in November 2023, and Chicago RFD will start in May 2024.

Top 10 Allegiant airports Q2 2024

516 routes, with a median average frequency of 2-weekly

Based on having at least four flights, Allegiant has approximately 516 routes in Q2, down from 529 last year. Notice that Orlando SFB to Asheville, Allentown, and Knoxville make the top 10, with these three cities to be served from MCO, too. Perhaps it is a defensive mechanism against potential entry by Avelo or Breeze.

Save for some reordering, little has changed year-on-year with the top 10. For example, while Fort Lauderdale-Asheville is now first, it was second to Provo-Phoenix AZA last year, with Provo south of Salt Lake City in Utah.

The Provo to Phoenix market is hotting up. Not only does Allegiant fly to AZA (12-weekly in April), but also to PHX itself (2). Breeze operates Provo-PHX (4-weekly), with the American joining them from its Arizona hub in October (daily).

Top 10 Allegiant routes Q2 2024

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