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In 2019, according to official figures from ONDA, 79% of international traffic at Moroccan airports was on routes to/from Europe, representing 17.46m passengers. European traffic had grown in 2019 by an impressive 10.8% and had reached a new, all-time high. The top five international routes in 2019 were: Casablanca – Paris ORY (691,043 passengers) Casablanca […]

May 6, 2021 | Airlines, Europe

According to Russian government statistics, S7 Airlines was once again Russia’s leading airline in January, transporting 1.19 million passengers, down 13% compared with January 2020. The other airlines in the top five were Aeroflot (1.04 million passengers, down 60%), Pobeda (928k passengers, same as in 2020), Ural Airlines (406k passengers, down 41%) and Rossiya Airlines […]

April 11, 2021 | Airlines, Europe

In 2019, the UK ranked third among Ryanair’s country markets for annual seats, offering 26.6 million departing seats, just behind Spain (27.7m) and Italy (28.7m). However, if we look at just international seat capacity then the UK (with 25.7m) jumps well ahead of Spain (20.7m) and Italy (16.3m), highlighting Ryanair’s much greater presence in the […]

Turkey’s LCC Pegasus Airlines also doing well:  Supporting Turkish Airlines in keeping the Turkish market relatively healthy, is low-cost carrier Pegasus Airlines. It reported carrying 1.05 million passengers in January (down 59%) at a load factor of 74.6%. There were 700,000 passengers on domestic flights (down 51%) at a load factor of 82.7%, while international […]