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KGS launch Liverpool

“We have service to several leisure orientated destinations in Europe. However, we still see significant levels of leakage to other UK airports,” comments Jonny Ford, Aviation Development Manager, Liverpool John Lennon Airport. “One example is Tenerife, where despite having two carriers serving the market, it is only capturing 15% of the primary catchment demand for […]

Italy welcomed almost 193 million passengers through its airports in 2019, making it Europe’s sixth busiest country for air traffic demand after the UK (300m), Spain (275m), Germany (248m), Turkey (209m) and France (201m). Last year traffic fell by 73% to just under 53m with pre-pandemic traffic in January and February accounting for 44% of […]

October 5, 2021 | Airlines, Airports, Europe, News & Analysis

Canadian Passenger Demand

Passenger demand in Canada is finally starting to recover. Latest passenger figures collected by CATSA at Canada’s eight busiest airports shows a rapid improvement since early June. At that time demand was only at 10% of the 2019 figure. However, by the end of August, demand was up to around 45% of the pre-pandemic figure, […]