Wizz Air Budapest

Few intercontinental markets have grown so quickly recently as Saudi Arabia to Europe. It is part of the country’s highly ambitious drive towards Vision 2030 and is assisted by the government’s Air Connectivity Program (ACP). This subsidises new routes and, therefore, facilitates greater connectivity and more tourism. According to Cirium schedules information data, the market […]

April 13, 2023 | Airports, Europe, Top Story

Spirit launches Charleston

Charleston, the largest city in South Carolina, welcomed 5.32 million passengers in 2022, according to the airport’s own figures. It far outperformed pre-pandemic 2019, with traffic up by a strong +9.3% from 4.87 million, as shown in the figure below. It was partly thanks to securing new entrants Breeze (June 2021), Sun Country (April 2022) […]

Air Cairo Marsa Alam - Bratislava celebratiën

The capital of Slovakia, Bratislava had 1.41 million passengers last year, according to the airport’s own statistics. Traffic was down by 38.4% versus 2019. As the following figure indicates, this was its lowest level since 2015 (other than 2020/2021), and it was similar to 2005. Cirium schedules information data shows that Bratislava is Europe’s 174th […]

Ryanair 10 years

Ryanair has celebrated 10 years of serving Nuremberg. It is one of 14 German airports in its network in S23, of which eight are bases. With two stationed aircraft, the airport is Ryanair’s 74th most-served network-wide this summer, according to Cirium schedules information data. Nuremberg is unusual for the ULCC: it is one of only […]

April 11, 2023 | Airlines, Airports, Europe, News & Analysis

Ailevon Pacific

Themes of the Week: Airlines are still trimming their summer schedules where needed and to help with the ATC shortage in NYC. Avelo expanded their footprint in FL with the adds of DAB and MLB. Breeze added CRW and another California add for PIT; also made significant changes across its network post-Labor Day. Frontier added new routes […]

Bristol airport with Corendo Airlines

Bristol ended 2022 with 7.95 million passengers, according to the UK Civil Aviation Authority. Traffic was down by 11.3% versus 2019; Bristol performed much better than UK airports generally (-25.2%). As the following figure shows, it was Bristol’s lowest passenger volume since 2016 (excluding 2020/2021). Nonetheless, it had the best recovery of all UK airports with […]

Air India LGW

The UK is India’s largest second-largest long-haul market by passenger traffic, behind the US. In 2019, approximately 3.5 million point-to-point passengers flew to/from the UK. While that reduced to around 3.1 million last year, it still had more than 8,000 passengers daily. Invariably, many travelled indirectly, especially through the Middle East to secondary destinations. They […]

US - Europe Routes

Some 43 US airports have non-stop Europe flights this summer, according to Cirium schedules information data. When each airport’s network is examined, they have a median of four Europe routes. With 37, it is perhaps surprising that New York JFK does not have the most – Newark does (39), as shown in the following figure. […]


Research and analysis by Air Service One, using a variety of data sources including Cirium schedules data and Flightradar24.com, suggests that airlines have launched just under 200 new routes involving European airports during the first few days of the summer 2023 (S23) season, from Friday 24 March to Thursday 30 March. Over 100 of these […]

easyJet add Belfast

Belfast BHD (known locally as George Best Belfast City Airport) ended 2022 with 1.66 million passengers and was the UK’s 17th busiest airport, according to the UK Civil Aviation Authority. It accounted for a quarter of all Northern Ireland air passengers. Traffic was down by 32.4% over 2019, less recovered than UK airports generally (-25.2%). […]