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Traffic trends and route development in North America, defined here as encompassing Canada, the US and Mexico. Although the US domestic market recovered relatively slowly last summer, at least compared with some European markets, its recovery has continued through the winter season and into spring. As passenger data from TSA makes clear, US domestic passenger […]


Compared with many countries across the globe, Mexico’s domestic air travel market recovered relatively quickly in 2020. After being more than 90% down on 2019 demand in April and May of last year, by December passenger numbers were down only 35% compared with the previous year. However, early indications for 2021 suggest that the recovery […]

May 6, 2021 | North America

Sarasota Airport 2

Recent new route announcements from US carriers have made it clear that underserved destinations along America’s east coast are proving particularly popular with network planners. The ANKER Report has analysed weekly schedule data for the last week of April 2021 to see which airports have seen the biggest increase (in absolute terms rather than percentage […]