easyJet celebrates 15th anniversary of its Lyon base; it is comfortably the airport’s top carrier

EZY 15 years of LYS

easyJet has celebrated the 15th anniversary of its Lyon base opening. Curiously, the base appears to have opened in April 2008 with an initial two A319s, so it is nearly its 16th anniversary. In the full year 2008, London STN was easyJet’s leading route from the Southeast France airport, although it is no longer served. Flightradar24 suggests that the LCC has six based A319s/A320s in W23.

easyJet is comfortably Lyon’s largest carrier by seats

Examining Cirum data for W23 shows that easyJet has about 650,000 departing seats from the French airport. Lyon is its 16th busiest airport network-wide and the fourth busiest in France. It has more than one in four of the airport’s available seats and is about 60% larger than number two, Air France. (Thanks to Hop, Air France is larger by flights.)

easyJet’s Lyon capacity is around 5% lower than in W19 when Air France was the leading operator. The LCC’s position has more to do with Air France (capacity is down by 46%, mainly due to domestic cuts) than its own expansion.

Top 10 Lyon airlines W23

easyJet has 29 routes from Lyon this winter

The LCC’s 29 routes are in France, the UK, Portugal, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Czech Republic and Denmark. Helped by skiing demand, it serves more airports in the UK (nine) than anywhere else this season. The country accounted for three of the five new routes the LCC recently introduced and which operate in W23:

Shannon AIrport
  • 3 February 2024: Bournemouth (weekly)
  • 13 December 2023: Liverpool (2-weekly, now weekly)
  • 1 November 2023: Rabat (3-weekly)
  • 30 October 2023: Birmingham (3-weekly)
  • 4 September 2023: Prague (3- to 4-weekly)


Bordeaux is the leading route

Bordeaux, 465 kilometres distant, is easyJet’s top route from Lyon. It was introduced when its base opened in April 2008, and it marked its first domestic service from the airport.

It is one of five domestic French routes served from the airport this winter, joining Brest, La Rochelle, Nantes and Toulouse. Inevitably, the carrier’s domestic network increases in the summer with the addition of Ajaccio, Bastia, Biarritz, Calvi and Figari.

Top 10 easyJet destinations from Lyon W23

24 routes have been dropped

This article has considered easyJet’s W23 operation. When that is extended to the calendar year 2024, Cirium data for the prior 20 years indicates that 24 routes have been cut. This is based on having at least four departing flights and excludes airports that have since shut. They are shown below in year order:

  • 2023: Fuerteventura, Kos, Mykonos, Rennes
  • 2022: Berlin, Tel Aviv
  • 2021: Rhodes
  • 2020: Budapest, Krakow, London STN, Seville, Tangier, Vienna
  • 2019: Pau
  • 2018: Amsterdam, Stockholm ARN
  • 2017: Essaouira, London SEN
  • 2016: Pisa
  • 2015: Brussels, Casablanca, Nice
  • 2013: Milan MXP
  • 2011: Rome CIA

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