easyJet has carried 5m Birmingham passengers; new base opens soon; will be its 9th busiest UK airport

BHX 5 million pax easyJet

easyJet only serves Birmingham in the English Midlands. While Cirium data shows that the West Midlands airport only ranks as the LCC’s ninth most-served UK airport this summer by available seats, it is nonetheless increasingly important, as its base there opens in March.

It will be the carrier’s only base in the Midlands since it removed stationed aircraft and staff from East Midlands more than 14 years ago. However, it returned to East Midlands – in a non-base way – in 2021, only to pull out the following year amid changing competitive dynamics.

The LCC has served Birmingham for 17 years

easyJet has celebrated carrying its five millionth Birmingham passenger. The airport has been a part of the airline’s network since 2007 when ski-focused routes to Geneva and Grenoble operated. However, the LCC’s growth was slow until its first domestic route – Belfast BFS – started in 2012.

Little else happened until 2021 following the introduction of Edinburgh and Glasgow routes, helped by the end of Flybe Mk1. Between then and the end of 2023, 14 routes were introduced: Amsterdam, Corfu, Faro, Geneva (resumed), Jersey, Lisbon, Lyon, Malaga, Milan MXP, Nantes (ended), Naples (ended), Newquay (ended), Palma and Paris CDG.

easyJet in the English Midlands

easyJet’s Birmingham base opens soon; 16 routes are coming

The base will open on 18 March, just before the start of S24. The LCC plans a total of 26 routes from Birmingham this summer, including the following new and returning offerings:

Shannon AIrport
  • 18 March: Antalya (2-weekly)
  • 18 March: Barcelona (2 to 4)
  • 19 March: Alicante (2)
  • 19 March: Tenerife TFS (2 to 4)
  • 20 March: Larnaca (2)
  • 21 March: Enfidha (2)
  • 21 March: Malaga (3 to 4); last served in 2022
  • 1 April: Berlin (3 to 4)
  • 2 April: Jersey (2); last served in 2021
  • 2 April: Sharm El Sheikh (2)
  • 3 April: Heraklion (1)
  • 4 April: Dalaman (2 to 3)
  • 4 April: Fuerteventura (1)
  • 23 April: Rhodes (1)
  • 1 May: Corfu (2); last served in 2021
  • 3 May: Kos (1)

In Q3 2024 (July-September), it will have an average of 18 daily departures, but as many as 22. In these three months, easyJet will be Birmingham’s fourth-largest airline by available seats, behind Jet2, Ryanair and TUI. It will have about 12% of peak summer capacity. Belfast BFS will be its most-served destination, followed by Edinburgh, Glasgow, Amsterdam and Paris CDG.

BHX easyJet network

easyJet in the East Midlands

The LCC inherited its East Midlands operation from Go, the airline it acquired years ago. easyJet had a base at the airport, which broadly serves the Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, and South Yorkshire areas. Its base closed in early January 2010.

Examining Cirium data shows that it had 13 routes from the airport either fully or at some point between 2004 and 2010. It flew to Alicante, Barcelona, Cologne, Edinburgh, Faro, Geneva, Ibiza, Malaga, Nice, Palma, Prague, Rome CIA and Venice VCE. In 2004, East Midlands was easyJet’s 18th most-served airport out of 53 airports then in its network.

East Midlands returned to easyJet’s network in July 2021, when it introduced one route from Belfast BFS. The airport pair was last served on a regular basis by bmibaby in 2010.

At the city level, East Midlands-Belfast BHD was part of Flybe Mk1’s network for years until its demise in early 2020. This gave rise to Aer Lingus Regional, which launched the route in October 2020. easyJet left in March 2022, after which Flybe Mkt 2 entered from BHD four months later. Now only Aer Lingus Regional remains between Northern Ireland and East Midlands.

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