Eindhoven had a record 2023; top 3 airlines have 95% of seats; 75 destinations in S24

Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven welcomed more than 6.8 million passengers in 2023, its record year to date. Even stronger results were experienced in the first two months of 2024. Some 894,000 passengers flew through its doors, up by about 12% versus 2019. It was the Netherlands’ fastest-growing airport.

Eindhoven passengers 2012-2023

The top three airlines have 95% of capacity

Eindhoven is a thriving low-cost and leisure point-to-point airport. Ryanair and Wizz Air, both of which partly serve Eindhoven as a lower-cost and less congested alternative to Amsterdam, have been particularly successful. Amsterdam is about 118 kilometres away, about the same distance as to Düsseldorf.

Ryanair is fully reliant on non-based flying following its base closure in 2018. Despite this, it still has almost one million departing seats, making it its largest non-base. S24 is its fifth-best summer to date, only beaten by S18, S19, S22, and S23. It has 39 routes.

The most recent carrier to join Eindhoven’s ranks was Aegean. The Greek flag carrier began flying from Athens on 23 June 2022, and it will operate 2-weekly this summer. It competes directly with Transavia (daily).

Airlines serving Eindhoven S24

Athens International Airport

75 destinations are served in Europe and North Africa

Eindhoven’s destinations in S24 are in 25 countries. Given the season, it is not surprising that Spain is firmly the largest country market. It has about 29% of Eindhoven’s departing seats with 14 destinations served. Half of Eindhoven’s top 10 destinations are in the country, led by Malaga. There are 20-weekly July flights by Transavia (11) and Ryanair (9).

Spain has more than double the capacity share of the number two country, Italy. The top five markets – Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Greece – have two-thirds of seats.

Mainly due to diaspora, six airports in Morocco have Eindhoven flights with Ryanair, TUIfly Belgium and Transavia. Air Arabia Maroc and Royal Air Maroc briefly served this market in 2021. Some 22 airports in CEE are also served, with Sofia number one. It has 12-weekly flights in July by Wizz Air (7) and Ryanair (5).

Top 10 Eindhoven destinations S24

41 destinations dropped in the past decade

Using Cirium data to see how Eindhoven’s network has changed since 2014 indicates that the following destinations have been cut, excluding airports that have shut. It is based on having at least 10 departing flights. They are organised below by the year of exit. Some cities are now served using other airports, such as Rome FCO rather than CIA.

  • 2024: Bordeaux, Paphos
  • 2023: Fuerteventura, Kaunas, Kayseri, Lublin, Poznan, Riga, Rzeszów, Suceava, Tuzla
  • 2022: Banja Luka, Burgas, Chișinău, Kyiv IEV, Milan MXP, Ohrid, Sarajevo
  • 2021: Larnaca, Rome CIA
  • 2020: Kutaisi, Moscow VKO, Tel Aviv
  • 2019: Boa Vista
  • 2018: Agadir, Alghero, Chania, Corfu, Murcia, Nis, Timisoara
  • 2017: Brno, Munich, Trapani, Venice VCE
  • 2016: Dalaman, Turin
  • 2015: Bodrum, Carcassonne
  • 2014: Knock, Stockholm NYO

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