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Felipe Ángeles International Airport in Mexico City growing fast; three carriers sharing 14 domestic routes


Mexico City’s newest airport, Felipe Ángeles International Airport (IATA code NLU), opened earlier this year on 21 March. Initially, Mexico’s three main airlines (Aeromexico, Vivaaerobus and Volaris) each operated daily service to two domestic destinations, with no route overlap. There was also a weekly service to Caracas with Conviasa, the airport’s first international route.

Aeromexico added a third route at the beginning of May, while Vivaaerobus added a third route (to Cancun) in July. Cancun thus became the first airport to be served from NLU by more than one carrier. In mid-August, Aeromexico and Volaris each started three additional routes, with the national carrier then adding a further route before the end of the month.

11 new airline routes launching in September

The first week of September has seen Vivaaerobus add three more domestic routes. In mid-September, Volaris will add six further routes. Before the end of the month Arajet (from Santo Domingo) and COPA Airlines (from Panama City) are scheduled to initiate additional international services to NLU.

New mexico City NLU airport growth

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By the end of October, the following domestic destinations will be served from NLU (weekly frequencies in brackets):

  • Acapulco: Aeromexico (7), Vivaaerobus (2)
  • Cancun: Aeromexico (21), Vivaaerobus (7), Volaris (14)
  • Guadalajara: Aeromexico (21), Vivaaerobus (7), Volaris (7)
  • Huatulco: Volaris (3)
  • La Paz: Volaris (3)
  • Merida: Aeromexico (11), Volaris (7)
  • Mexicali: Volaris (7)
  • Monterrey: Aeromexico (21), Vivaaerobus (7)
  • Oaxaca: Aeromexico (7), Vivaaerobus (2), Volaris (4)
  • Puerto Vallarta: Aeromexico (10), Volaris (7)
  • Puerto Escondido: Vivaaerobus (3), Volaris (3)
  • San Jose del Cabo: Volaris (4)
  • Tijuana: Volaris (7)
  • Veracruz: Aeromexico (7)

Of the 14 domestic routes offered in October, passengers will have choice of three carriers on three routes and a choice of two carriers on a further five. On the remaining six routes there will be just one carrier.

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