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Flint Bishop Airport: A hub of convenience and opportunity

Flint Bishop Airport is ready for growth and welcoming new opportunities
Flint Bishop Airport is ready for growth and welcoming new opportunities

Located centrally and offering convenient access, Flint Bishop Airport has become preferred in the region by both passengers and airlines alike.

Serving more than three million people within a 45-minute drive, Flint Bishop’s strategic location along major highways such as the I-75 and I-69 positions it as the region’s preferred low-cost airport with a high demand for additional routes.

Flint Bishop Airport currently serves as an operating base for Allegiant Air. In 2023 it welcomed 282,695 passengers through its doors.

One of Flint Bishop’s key strengths lies in its low operational costs, coupled with a terminal that is “move-in-ready,” offering airlines an attractive proposition for growth. This combination makes Flint Bishop Airport the ideal destination for airlines looking to expand their operations.

The airport was recently the recipient of 5.8 million US dollars in federal fundings, which will be used towards overhauling an aircraft rescue and firefighting building. It follows updates across its passenger terminal aimed at evolving the passenger experience, including new food and beverage facilities, as well as EV chargers for electric vehicles.

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Strategically situated in Michigan, Flint Bishop Airport draws passengers from all directions, making it a hub for communities to the north, south, east, and west. Just a brief 10-minute drive to the south brings travellers to Oakland County, home to some of Metro Detroit’s most affluent suburbs and major corporations, including Faurecia, Kelly Services, Continental, and Stellantis.

The potential for growth surrounding Flint Bishop Airport is immense and largely untapped. The adage “build it and they will come” rings true here, as the airport stands ready to embrace new opportunities and accommodate expanding businesses and travel needs.

The airport is a gateway to the region and a catalyst for economic development.

It comes as no surprise then that Flint Bishop Airport offers a compelling proposition for both passengers and airlines with its central location, convenient access, and promising opportunities for growth.

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