France-North America has seen big changes; 78 routes in S24; Phoenix is coming


France is the third-largest non-stop European market from North America this summer, comprising Canada, Mexico and the US. This is about available seats; it does not show where passengers go. Cirium schedules information shows that France has 13% of available seats. Capacity has risen by 5% versus S23 and 8% compared to S19; it is among the fastest-growing markets.

SkyTeam has 61% of France-North America seats

Air France has more than four in ten available seats this summer (44%). The dominance rises to 61% when fellow SkyTeam carrier and transatlantic joint venture partner Delta Air Lines is included.

The pair has 28 North American routes, based on having at least four departures. Given Air France ended North American flights from Paris ORY in 2022, 26 routes are from Paris CDG and two from Nice (operated by Delta). The French flag carrier’s network has expanded to include Denver in 2021, Newark and Quebec City in 2022 and Raleigh Durham in 2023 (replacing Delta). Phoenix begins on 23 May 2024 (3-weekly), 10 days after Minneapolis resumes (daily).

JetBlue entered the market in June 2023 between JFK and CDG, followed by Boston in April 2024. In March 2023, Norse Atlantic began flying from CDG, initially to JFK and then to Miami in December. CDG-Los Angeles began in May 2024. Aside from Paris, American Airlines launched Philadelphia-Nice on 6 May 2024 (daily).

Top 10 France - North America airlines S24

Eight French airports have North American flights

Cirium shows that eight French airports have North American flights. In the case of Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille and Toulouse, it is exclusively because of Canadian service. Lyon last had US flights in 2009 (Delta from JFK).

Athens International Airport

It is, of course, nearly all about CDG, which has 85% of the total capacity, rising to 91% when ORY is included. The French capital has non-stop flights to 30 North American airports this summer in the US (21), Canada (seven) and Mexico (two). While not actually in Canada, they include Saint-Pierre Airport, a part of France near Newfoundland. It has very limited flights by Air Saint-Pierre, using leased 737s, to Paris CDG, just 4,290 kilometres apart.

Montreal has the most seats of the 30 North American airports with passenger flights to France (816,000 each way). It has 10% more than number two, JFK, and double the capacity of number three, Los Angeles. Montreal has flights to all eight French airports with North American service, with 113-weekly departing flights in August.

French Airports with North American routes S24

It is CDG-JFK that is first, not CDG-Montreal

Airlines have 78 France-North America routes in S24. When the operator is stripped out, there are 46 non-stop markets, with the top 10 shown below. Unlike in S23, CDG-San Francisco is now in 12th place, replaced by CDG-Chicago ORD. Half of the markets have had year-on-year capacity cuts; their recoveries continue. The main exception is CDG-Boston, with seats up by a quarter thanks to JetBlue’s arrival.

CDG-JFK is not only the most-served France-North America market but also number two from Europe generally. It has 90-weekly flights in August by Air France (42), Delta (20), JetBlue (14), American (7) and Norse (7). In 2019, there were just 49.

Top 10 France - North America markets S24

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