Frankfurt is Condor’s top airport; San Antonio & Los Cabos coming; North America seats doubled vs. S19

Condor Airlines

Condor is famous for its striking and highly controversial stripey livery. According to, the leisure carrier’s fleet consists of 49 aircraft: 12 A320s, 13 A321s, 13 A330-900s, nine 757-300s and two 767-300ERs. Its A330neos were all delivered between December 2022 and January 2024. The last of its 767s will be retired in March ahead of S24 when it will be the fourth-largest operator serving Germany.

Frankfurt FRA is its leading airport

Examining Cirium schedules information shows that Condor has flights from 13 German airports this summer, along with a small seasonal base in Zurich and one route from Basel. However, only six of these make the top 10 most-served airports figure. The remaining four are extremely popular tourist destinations from Germany: Palma, Heraklion, Hurghada, and Antalya. The fast growth of Palma is from many new and returning routes (see below).

FRA is not only Condor’s leading airport by a large margin, but it is also fast-growing. Capacity has risen by 16% versus S19, in distinct contrast to Munich (-56%). These changes mean that FRA accounts for 42% of the carrier’s operation, up by three percentage points.

Presumably because of the entry and growth of Discover in FRA and the exit of once-big Ryanair, Condor has doubled down at the airport – at least in capacity and densification terms. It has 66 routes this summer, down by 20 versus S19.

Top 10 Condor airports S24

Shannon AIrport

The recovery continues, with many routes coming

Cirium indicates that Condor plans 3.53 million departing seats from Germany in S24. Capacity has risen by about 8% year-on-year, but it remains down by around 7% versus S19. However, it will benefit from a raft of new and resuming routes.  

The following additions are among other routes that will begin until early November (into early W24). It will be the first time San Antonio has had a European route and the first time Los Cabos has been linked to Germany. Meanwhile, Condor will operate Berlin-Dubai daily, availing of the inability of Emirates and flydubai to do so due to ASA reasons.

  • 23 March: Frankfurt-Miami (up to 3-weekly)
  • 1 May: Nuremberg-Heraklion (4); last served in 2007
  • 2 May: Nuremberg-Rhodes (3) last served in 2006
  • 9 May: Basel-Palma (up to 3)
  • 9 May: Cologne-Palma (5) last served in 2018
  • 17 May: Frankfurt-San Antonio (3); effectively replaces Austin
  • 17 May: Leipzig-Jerez (2)
  • 17 May: Münster-Palma (5); last served in 2007
  • 19 May: Karlsruhe-Palma (2) last served in 2004
  • 27 May: Frankfurt-Calgary (2); last served in 2019
  • 1 June: Düsseldorf-Ibiza (2); last served in 2018
  • 19 June: Rostock-Palma (2)
  • 6 July: Dortmund-Palma (3)
  • 21 September: Frankfurt-Phuket (3); last served in 2016
  • 22 September: Frankfurt-Bangkok (4); last served in 2020
  • 27 October: Berlin-Dubai (7)
  • 3 November: Frankfurt-Los Cabos (3)

170+ summer routes; Frankurt-Palma is first

Condor will serve 72 airports from Germany and Switzerland this summer. While it primarily focuses on outbound tourist routes, VFR-focused routes also exist, such as to Beirut, Pristina and Yerevan. But it is Frankfurt-Palma that is first. Condor has 40-weekly flights in August, alongside Discover (16), Lufthansa (12) and TUI (7).

Long-haul routes account for half of its top 10 routes by available seats, from both high frequencies and large-capacity aircraft. Condor will serve 19 airports in North America this summer, with the continent accounting for nearly a fifth of seats. Its capacity there has nearly doubled versus S19.

Top 10 Condor routes S24

Athens International Airport