Frontier is the USA’s fastest-growing carrier; serves 83 airports and has 271 routes in Q1

Frontier Airlines

Frontier is the USA’s eighth-largest airline in Q1 2024 (January-March). According to Cirium schedules information, the ULCC has about 10 million two-way seats. While subject to reductions in March, which has not been finalised, capacity has risen by nearly a fifth (+18%) over Q1 2023, its previous high. It is up by three-quarters versus the pre-pandemic 2019, mainly due to its huge growth beyond its original Denver core. The airline has 136 aircraft per 82 A320neos, 25 A321neos, 21 A321ceos, and eight A320ceos.

Frontiers Q1 development 2004-2024

Orlando MCO is the leading airport

Frontier’s network comprises 83 airports in Q1, based on having at least four departing flights. Some 75 are in the US, two in Mexico and the Dominican Republic, and one in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Jamaica.

With about a quarter of available seats, Orlando MCO is Frontier’s top airport. It is the third-largest carrier there behind Southwest and fellow ULCC Spirit. It has 51 routes (based on four+ departures), with Philadelphia having by far the most capacity.

MCO never used to lead. For many years, Denver – Frontier’s spiritual home – was always first. A decade ago, before Frontier’s shift to being much more of a nationwide point-to-point operator, Denver had 20x more seats than Orlando. Cirium says that Orlando overtook the Colorado airport – which remains vital to the ULCC, including for connecting passengers – in Q1 2022.

Top 10 Frontier airports Q1 2024

Dublin Airport

Big changes to airport portfolio versus Q1 2023

Examining Cirium data shows that, despite Frontier’s considerable growth year-on-year, the number of airports served has reduced from 94 to 83. Comparing the two quarters shows that 12 airports are no longer part of its network. Ten have been cut completely, while two return later in 2024.

  • Bloomington (returns in May)
  • Burbank
  • Guadalajara
  • Kingston
  • Los Cabos (returns in June)
  • Monterrey
  • Nassau
  • Oakland
  • Providence
  • Reno
  • Rochester (NY)
  • Stewart

Two airports were not served in Q1 2023 but are now. Flights to St Thomas, which began in February 2021, did not operate in W22 but are now year-round. It has one route in Q1 2024: San Juan (weekly). Meanwhile, Ponce joined its network in March 2023, and it continues to have one route: Orlando (up to 12-weekly).

Orlando-Philadelphia is the top route

Frontier presently has 271 routes: 234 domestic and 37 international. Half of its top 10 airport pairs are from Orlando, including its leading route to Philadelphia. Frontier has 43 departing flights in the first week of February of the 119 across all operators. American (which has a hub in Philadelphia) has 47, Spirit 19 and Southwest 10.

Top 10 Frontier airports Q1 2024


Prague Airport