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Genève Aéroport sees robust growth and potential for more long-haul expansion

Genève Aéroport handled over 4.5 million passengers in Q1 2024
Genève Aéroport handled over 4.5 million passengers in Q1 2024

Genève Aéroport (GVA) has made a strong comeback, approaching its pre-pandemic passenger levels at the start of 2024. Contributing to the recovery are the tourism and visiting friends and relatives (VFR) segments, which have not only rebounded to their 2019 figures but have exceeded them in some markets.

The airport has seen a significant rise in travel for diplomatic meetings and conferences, highlighting the importance of in-person interactions in fields such as finance, luxury trading, and chemistry, further boosting passenger numbers.

During the first quarter of 2024, Genève Aéroport handled just over 4.5 million travellers, representing a year-on-year increase of 11%. It has now recovered 97.4% of its pre-pandemic traffic.

Notably, a significant development for GVA is the full restoration and expansion of its route network. All pre-Covid long-haul flights have resumed, including five daily services to North America – two to New York JFK, and one each to New York EWR, Washington Dulles, and Montreal.

On the other side of the globe, Genève Aéroport currently offers four daily flights to the Gulf region, with two rotations to Dubai and one each to Abu Dhabi and Doha and from June to September 2024, Gulf Air will add a new twice weekly route to Bahrain operating an Airbus A321neo. It also provides nonstop services to China, Africa, and the Middle East. Air China has expanded its service to Beijing to five flights per week as of April, improving connections between Geneva and major cities in China and eastern Asia.

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GVA has recognised considerable untapped potential in various markets, especially in southeast Asia and Oceania. Singapore, for example, shows strong potential due to high demand for business, diplomatic, and leisure travel. Other attractive routes include Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and São Paulo in South America. Additionally, North American destinations such as Boston, Toronto, Dallas, Chicago, Miami, and Mexico City are also seeing significant passenger demand.

GVA serves one of the world’s most stable and prosperous economic regions, thanks to its broad catchment area. Switzerland’s strong macroeconomic indicators outperform much of Europe, and the strength of its currency ensures high revenue from sales both within the country and in neighbouring France. This makes Geneva an attractive destination for airlines to add to their networks.

Genève Aéroport has established itself as a highly successful hub, enjoying robust growth and expanding its international reach. With a strategic recovery post-pandemic, it has swiftly approached pre-Covid passenger levels, highlighting its resilience and appeal. The airport’s ability to reinstate all its long-haul flights and even add new destinations underscores its importance as a key gateway in Europe.

Genève Aéroport now boasts five daily flights to the Gulf
GVA has five direct routes to the Gulf

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