JetBlue has removed 25 airports since 2019, with eight leaving in 2024

JetBlue has removed 25 airports since 2019, with eight leaving in 2024

All airlines remove airports from their network, whether because of underperformance, a negotiating stance over fees/charges, competition, an inability to expand, better opportunities with its limited resources, and more.

JetBlue is no exception, and not just because of its continuing troubles. These include the end of the Northeast Alliance with American, calling off its proposed merger with Spirit after it was blocked, P&W engines and maintenance problems. The hybrid airline continues to have an identity problem, and it continues to refocus its network.

Examining Cirium data shows that JetBlue’s Q2 (April-June) seats are down by 7% year-on-year in response to its challenges. Curiously, international capacity has risen by about 12% year-on-year to its highest point yet, against a 12% drop domestically. The domestic market is barely larger than it was nine years ago.

JetBlue Q2 capacity 2006-2024

JetBlue has removed 25 airports since 2019

Analysing Cirium data since 2019 shows that the following airports are no longer served or will stop seeing the airline soon. The year refers to the last time the stated airport was served.

Athens International Airport
  • 2024: Baltimore (pulls out in April), Bogota (June), Burlington (January), Kansas City (June), Lima (June), Quito (June), Pointe-à-Pitre (April), Steamboat Springs (April)
  • 2023: Havana
  • 2021: Boise, Kalispell, Montrose
  • 2020: La Romana, Long Beach, Mexico City, Oakland, Stewart
  • 2019: Anchorage, Camagüey, Daytona Beach, Holguin, Houston HOU, Santa Clara, St Croix, Washington IAD

Some cuts involved COVID-inspired routes when aircraft were available to experiment in outdoor leisure markets. Some airports were never intended to last in JetBlue’s network.

jetBlue cut routes

But 20 airports have joined its network since 2019

Fourteen are international, most obviously in Europe, where it will now serve six airports. Its international markets are primarily leisure- or VFR-driven. The list does not include airports added since 2019 but which have ended or are scheduled to do so.

  • 2024: Dublin (began in March), Edinburgh (May), Tallahassee (January), Tulum (June)
  • 2023: Amsterdam, Belize City, Paris CDG, St Kitts
  • 2022: Asheville, Milwaukee, Puerto Vallarta, Vancouver
  • 2021: Guatemala City, Key West, London LGW, London LHR, Los Cabos, Miami, San Antonio
  • 2020: Georgetown (Guyana)

Only one domestic airport was added in 2024: Tallahassee. It is linked to Fort Lauderdale, JetBlue’s third most-served airport systemwide (daily). The A320 intrastate service competes directly with Silver Airways’ ATRs (6-weekly). With the addition of Key West and Miami in 2021, JetBlue now serves 10 airports in Florida.


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