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Keflavik Airport’s Masterplan paves the way for future growth

The expanded airport aims to better serve both O&D and transfer passengers
The expanded airport aims to better serve both O&D and transfer passengers

Keflavík Airport, Iceland’s primary international gateway, is undergoing a transformation guided by its Masterplan aimed at strategically expanding capacities to accommodate an increasing number of passengers, while also enhancing the overall travel experience.

The airport is utilising the plan to make informed decisions, structuring developments in phases. Each phase is tailored to existing demands while preparing the groundwork for future needs, reflecting a balance between immediate enhancements and long-term ambitions.

In recent years, Keflavík Airport has focused on both airside and terminal improvements. They have included additional taxiways, directly boosting the efficiency and safety of the existing runway system, as well as passenger-focused projects, aimed at significantly increasing the airport’s capacity. These expansions are designed to better serve both origin and destination (O&D) passengers, as well as those in transit.

One of the most ambitious projects under the Masterplan is the construction of the East Wing, which represents the largest expansion in the history of airport operator Isavia. Guðmundur Daði Rúnarsson, the Chief Commercial Officer and Airport Development Officer at Keflavík, highlights the project’s scale and its pivotal role in the airport’s developmental strategy.

Launched in early summer 2021, the East Wing’s construction is progressing on schedule, with its completion expected later this year. This expansion will significantly enhance the airport’s infrastructure, including new luggage reception facilities in the arrivals’ hall, four additional boarding bridges, two bus gates, and a larger area for food & beverage outlets, as well as duty-free shopping.

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The East Wing is being inaugurated in phases, starting with a new luggage sorting system in the basement and a new arrivals hall with baggage claim facilities on the first floor, unveiled in mid-2023. Additional amenities, such as a new food & beverage area on the second floor, are set to open this summer.

The East Wing extends the terminal by nearly 30%, a testament to its role in Keflavík Airport’s growth strategy. The final stages of the East Wing project will see additional seating areas, as well as the four new boarding bridge gates and two bus gates, set to be operational by the end of the year.

Keflavík Airport’s Masterplan is a cornerstone in its strategy to not only meet the growing demands of international air travel but to lead with innovative solutions. As its expansion plans unfold, Keflavík Airport is not just preparing to handle more passengers; it is enhancing its stature as a critical hub in the North Atlantic, connecting Iceland with the world through a future-ready aviation gateway.

Keflavik Airport’s new East Wing expands terminal space by 30%
Keflavik Airport’s new East Wing expands terminal space by 30%

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