Last Week in Europe – Monday 4 April 2022

Last week 4th AprilWith the start of the summer 2022 (S22) season on Sunday 27 March, many of Europe’s major airlines have seen a significant improvement in their recovery rate. As a result, the 7-day average recovery rate for European flights (comparing 2022 movements with those during the same period in 2019) as of Saturday 2 April, was 78.1%, up 3.0 percentage points from the previous week’s figure of 75.1%.

Among the 12 airlines tracked in more detail in our graph, Ryanair has again achieved the best recovery rate of 113.3%. This means that the Irish ULCC is actually operating 13% more flights than it did in late March 2019. Wizz Air is again second in terms of recovery rate (at 111%), ahead of Iberia (92%) and Turkish Airlines (91%).

Wizz Air recovery rate back above 100%

Among the 12 airlines shown in the graph, nine showed an improvement in their recovery rates compared with a week earlier. The exceptions were Vueling (which fell from 77.9% to 71.3%), Air France (from 71.6% to 70.5%) and KLM (from 79.8% to 79.2%). The biggest improvements came from Norwegian (from 35.2% to 58.3%), Wizz Air (from 94.7% to 111.0%), easyJet (from 74.1% to 84.6%) and Lufthansa (from 54.4% to 64.5%).

Major European airlines in 2021/22 to 2 Apr

Athens International Airport

Five airports with more than 1,000 flights on Saturday

On Saturday 2 April the leading airline for flights in Eurocontrol airspace was Ryanair (2,770 flights), a long way ahead of easyJet (1,338), Turkish Airlines (1,143) and Lufthansa (1,110). Then came Air France (797), KLM (689), Wizz Air (653) and British Airways (573). Among airports, the busiest for flights were Istanbul IST (1,072), Frankfurt (1,043), Amsterdam (1,031), London LHR (1,030) and Paris CDG (1,009).

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