Last Week in Europe – Monday 4 July 2022

Last Week July 4th

Between Sunday 26 June and Saturday 2 July, Air Service One has identified:

  • 107 new routes involving at least one European airport, operated by 34 airlines involving 121 airports
  • easyJet (25) and Corendon Airlines (16) launched the most, new routes
  • 46 (43%) were already served by other carriers, 61 (57%) were not
  • 29 countries involved including several non-European (Algeria, Angola, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Mexico, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and UAE)
  • Average weekly frequency of new services: 2.10 (last week: 2.33)
  • Average sector length of new services: 2,063km (last week: 2,105km). This week, six new routes were over 4,000km, of which five involved Spanish airports. Tangier to Seville was the shortest at just 187km.
  • Airports in Greece welcomed the most, new services, with 28, followed by Spain (26), Italy (23), France (17), and Germany, Turkey and the UK (all 16).
  • Among airports it was a 4-way tie for most new services with Brussels BRU, Düsseldorf, Gran Canaria and Naples each registering six. Billund, Chania and Copenhagen each recoded five new services.

July capacity increases by 0.1 percentage point since last week

Comparison of Cirium schedule data for Europe for the last two weeks reveals that the July recovery rate has increased by 0.1 percentage point during the last week from 88.4% to 88.5%. Analysis by airline reveals that among Europe’s top 20 airlines, the carriers that have made the biggest cuts to their July schedules since last week (in percentage terms) were British Airways (1.9%), Wizz Air (1.1%) and easyJet (0.9%). Turkish Airlines, which had removed 5% of its capacity the previous week, appears to have added most of it back again.

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