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Last Week in North America – Monday 10 January 2022

The Last Week America

Using the latest published passenger figures from the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) we can compare demand in the most recent week with that from the same period in 2019. Now that we are in 2022, that means comparing data with that from three years ago, rather than two, as was the case up until the end of December.

US airport passengers 1 March 2021 to 8 Jan 2022

New routes launched during the last week in North America

Between Monday 3 December 2022 and Sunday 9 January 2022, we have identified nine new routes that were launched by airlines involving airports in North America. Figure in brackets is weekly frequency.

3 January 2022

  • aha!: Reno – Palm Springs (3)

4 January 2022

  • American: Austin – Albuquerque (7), New York JFK – Worcester (7)

5 January 2022

Prague International Airport
  • Delta: New York LGA – Albany (13), New York LGA – Providence (19)
  • United: Denver – Butte (7)

6 January 2022

  • Avelo: Las Vegas – Redding (2)
  • Spirit: Miami – Minneapolis/St. Paul (5)

7 January 2022

  • Spirit: Miami – San Jose SJO (1)

North American capacity trends

The following graph shows how airlines have been adjusting planned capacity on a weekly basis for the months ahead. In the last three weeks planned seat capacity for January has fallen from 91.4% to 90.2% of the 2019 figure.

North American capacity in 2022

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