Louisville had record 2023 thanks to three new airlines; linked non-stop to 37 destinations in 1H 2024

Louisville Best YEar 2023

Louisville – Kentucky’s most populous city – is making waves for its passenger development. It welcomed 4.66 million passengers in 2023, meaningfully surpassing its previous record held in 2019 by a healthy 10%. The increase was particularly because of the arrival of three carriers: Spirit in May 2021, Breeze in June 2021 and Sun Country in May 2023. They offset the loss of Frontier in October 2022.

Louisville passengers 2005-2023

American is the leading passenger carrier

Examining Cirium schedules information shows that America has about 27% of Louisville’s seat capacity in the first six months of 2024. When Delta and United are included, the US Big Three provide six in ten of the available seats.

American’s mainline and regional-operated network comprises eight routes: Dallas DFW (47-weekly in May); Charlotte (42); Chicago ORD (28); Philadelphia (20); Washington DCA (20); New York LGA (13); Miami (7); and Boston (7).

Sun Country, the most recent passenger carrier to arrive at Louisville, exclusively serves its primary airport of Minneapolis on a summer seasonal basis. Meanwhile, Breeze has five routes: Charleston (2-weekly in May); Fort Myers (2-weekly but is winter seasonal); New Orleans (2); San Francisco (2); and Tampa (2). Raleigh Durham operated in 2023 but has since ended.

Prague International Airport

Louisville passengers airlines first half 2024

37 passengers destinations in the first half

As is normally the case, hub services are particularly dominant at Louisville, influenced by higher frequencies and the consequent connectivity. At just 515 kilometers, Atlanta – the leading destination – is Louisville’s fourth-shortest market after Chicago MDW, Chicago ORD, and Detroit. Atlanta is served by Delta (48-weekly in May) and Southwest (11).

Louisville’s 37-strong network is entirely domestic, with 20 states served. If seats are considered, Florida receives the most capacity, but Texas does by flights. Ten airports in Florida are linked, double that of Texas.

Top 10 Louisville destinations first half 2024

Nine destinations have been dropped since 2013

The following destinations no longer have non-stop flights from Louisville. While it is based on having at least four flights, they had many more than that. Whichever airline is stated refers to the most recent operator.

  • Cleveland: served until 2014 (United)
  • Pittsburgh: 2016-2018 (OneJet)
  • New York JFK: until 2014 (Delta)
  • St Louis: until 2014 (Southwest)
  • Memphis: 2013 (Delta)
  • Phoenix AZA: 2017-2018 (Allegiant)
  • Pensacola: 2021 (Spirit)
  • Raleigh Durham: 2023 (Breeze)
  • Jacksonville: 2018 (Allegiant)

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