Manchester-Boston gained 3 airlines in 2023/2024; Southwest still has 50%+ of seats; Baltimore top route


Manchester-Boston is by far the busiest of three New Hampshire airports with scheduled airline flights. Situated approximately 84 kilometres north of Boston, it was once a lower-cost and far less congested alternative to Boston for Southwest.

Southwest has served Manchester-Boston since 1998, and it first flew to Boston itself in 2009. The immediate impact on passenger traffic was clear. Manchester-Boston’s woes continue, not helped by Delta pulling out in 2020 and Spirit in early 2024, the latter despite only starting at the airport three years earlier. In 2023, Manchester-Boston had 1.28 million passengers, 1.4% lower than the year before and 26% lower than in 2019.

Three airlines are new in 2023/2024

A year ago, in June 2023, Manchester-Boston gained its first flights by Boeing 737-operating Avelo. The LCC began with one route to Raleigh Durham (4-weekly now). A second route, from Greensville/Spartanburg, started in May 2024 (2-weekly). Neither city previously had Manchester-Boston flights. The carrier has just celebrated its first anniversary at the airport.

In June 2024, Manchester-Boston welcomed Breeze. Two of three routes began on 14 June: Orlando MCO (2-weekly) and Charleston (2); the latter was not previously linked to Manchester-Boston. The third route, Fort Myers, will begin on 2 October (2); the Florida destination was last served by Spirit in 2023.

Avelo and Breeze will be joined by Sun Country on 22 August from Minneapolis (weekly to 2-weekly). Minneapolis was last served from Manchester-Boston in 2009 by Continental.

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But Southwest still has more than one in two seats

Despite these developments, Southwest remains the number one operator. In the second half of 2024 (July-December), Cirium data shows that it has 53.7% of available seats. It is the 76th busiest airport out of 121 in its network. The arrival of other carriers means that Southwest’s share is down by only two percentage points versus 10 years ago.

Manchesters airlines the second half of 2024

Baltimore is the leading destination

The New Hampshire airport has non-stop flights to 14 destinations in the analysed six months – two more than in the second half of 2019. Now like then, Baltimore, 610 kilometres away, has the most capacity. It is served 34-weekly in August, with all flights by Southwest. Many passengers will, of course, transfer to another Southwest flight at what is one of its busiest airports.

Using Cirium to compare the Manchester-Boston network in the past decade indicates that eight destinations are no longer served. The year stated below reflects the last time the airport was served. Nearly all destinations were removed during or after the pandemic.

  • 2023: Myrtle Beach
  • 2022: Fort Lauderdale, Washington IAD
  • 2020: Atlanta, Detroit, New York LGA
  • 2015: Las Vegas
  • 2014: Cleveland

Manchesters destinations the second half of 2024


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