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Manchester-Boston Regional Airport: The hassle-free gateway to New England

MHT has become the preferred choice for leisure and business travellers alike
MHT has become the preferred choice for leisure and business travellers alike

Nestled at the heart of New England, just under 50 miles north of Boston, Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (MHT) is more than just an airport. It’s a portal to numerous possibilities, offering travellers an array of benefits that extend far beyond its convenient location.

For inbound travellers, MHT boasts proximity to New England’s finest attractions. Within an hour’s drive, visitors can immerse themselves in the region’s renowned skiing spots, bask in the beauty of scenic coastal beaches, or indulge in the tranquillity of lakefront resorts. The airport’s strategic position makes it the perfect starting point for unforgettable adventures in the Northeast.

However, MHT’s appeal doesn’t stop there. With a network of nonstop and connecting flights spanning the country, and the introduction of a number of new routes in 2024, the airport provides endless opportunities for both leisure and business travellers. It is served by the likes of American Airlines, United, Southwest Airlines, Breeze and Avelo, to name a few.

Unlike larger airports, MHT offers a hassle-free experience, with minimal traffic, spacious facilities, and ample parking, making it a preferred choice for millions of passengers year after year.

The accolades speak for themselves. Travel + Leisure crowned MHT as the number one Domestic Airport in 2023, while USA Today consistently ranks it among the Top 10 Airports (in 2023 and 2018). TravelPulse has also lauded MHT as the Best Midsize Airport in the Country (2016), further cementing its reputation.

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MHT’s significance goes beyond passenger traffic. Serving a population of 3.3 million within a one-hour radius, the airport acts as an important hub for the region’s diverse regional economy. Additionally, MHT handles over 200 million pounds of cargo annually, facilitating crucial trade and commerce activities.

Importantly, MHT offers operational certainty to its air carrier partners, boasting CAT III approach capabilities that ensure smooth operations even in adverse weather conditions. This reliability makes MHT an attractive choice for airlines seeking efficiency and consistency in their operations.

Handling over 1.28 million passengers in 2023, Manchester-Boston Regional Airport stands out for its convenience, efficiency, and opportunity at the heart of New England. Beyond its strategic location near Boston and proximity to the region’s attractions, MHT offers travellers a seamless experience with its network of flights and hassle-free facilities.

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