Nearly 3 years since Avelo’s first flight; has 71 routes in Q2 with no competition on 67

Avelo LAS route launch

Avelo’s first revenue-generating flight was on 21 April 2021, in the middle of the pandemic, from Burbank to Santa Rosa. It carried about 2.3 million passengers in 2023, with 135 passengers per flight and an 80% load factor. It has benefited from relatively shallow capacity growth, which has hopefully helped with fares and yields.

Nearly three years later, the LCC has 16 aircraft with an average of 16.3 years, according to There are nine 189-seat 737-800s and seven 147-seat 737-700s. It says five more will arrive by the end of the year.

Avelos monthly capacity development

Serves 48 airports in Q2 2024

Using Cirium data to examine Avelo’s capacity in Q2 (April-June) shows that it has 767,000 two-way seats available, up by about 16% in 2023, and may be subject to some scheduling changes.

Avelo will serve 48 airports in these three months, all domestic. They include winter seasonal Dubuque and Kalamazoo, with flights pausing in early April. Its portfolio spans 23 states, including the US territory of Puerto Rico. (It also serves three international airports with charter flights on behalf of Apple Vacations.)

Tweed New Haven, famous for its short runway, remains Avelo’s leading airport. It accounts for nearly half of total capacity (46%), up by five percentage points year-on-year. Strong growth has helped, especially compared to some of its other leading airports. It plans 21 routes from the Connecticut airport, seven more than last year.

Top 10 Avelo airports Q2 2024

Shannon AIrport

13 airports have exited its network; five are coming

Analysing Avelo’s network since its first flight shows that the following airports are no longer served:

  • 2024: Melbourne, Mobile BFM
  • 2023: Cedar Rapids, Charlottesville, Dayton, Lexington, Memphis, Newport News, Tucson
  • 2022: Fort Collins, Ogden
  • 2021: Grand Junction, Phoenix AZA

As of mid-March, it plans to add five airports to its portfolio in 2024:

  • Albany: from Raleigh Durham on 10 May (2-weekly)
  • Atlanta: from Tweed New Haven on 2 May (4)
  • Knoxville: from Tweed New Haven on 9 May (2)
  • Concord: from Tweed New Haven on 2 May (2)
  • Destin/Fort Walton Beach: from Tweed New Haven on 17 May (2)

Avelo's route map

 Has 71 routes; just four have direct competition

Excluding charter flights for Apple Vacations, Avelo plans 71 routes between April and June, down by one compared to Q2 2023. However, this includes various seasonal hangers-on and those that began early in the quarter or ended late in it. If routes with 1,000+ one-way seats are considered, they’ve risen from 54 to 68.

Tweed New Haven to Orlando continues to be Avelo’s leading route, even if capacity has reduced year-on-year. It is served 8-weekly in May. Like the vast majority of Avelo’s routes, it has no head-to-head competition. Only four routes do: Burbank-Boise, Eugene and Santa Rosa, and Raleigh Durham-West Palm Beach.

Top 10 Avelo routes Q2 2024

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