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New airlines and routes mark strong 2024 for Miami International Airport

MIA is the US’ top international freight airport
MIA is the US’ top international freight airport

Miami International Airport (MIA) is not just a major hub, it is also the heart of Miami-Dade County’s economy. And in 2024, it’s breaking records and setting the stage for even greater growth.

MIA is experiencing its fastest start to the year on record. Passenger numbers are up by an impressive 11.7%, while total cargo volumes have surged by 7.9% compared to the same period in 2023.

What makes MIA truly stand out is its expansive network. With connections to over 180 destinations, it serves as a crucial link for both passengers and cargo. Currently, MIA boasts 98 passenger and cargo airlines, including the recent addition of Condor Airlines, which now offers three weekly non-stop flights to Frankfurt. Furthermore, Level has added a new service to Barcelona. This expansion aligns perfectly with the peak spring and summer travel seasons, catering to the increasing demand for international travel.

In the coming months, VivaAerobus will commence operations from Miami, adding extra services to Monterrey and Merida, while international airlines already serving the US airport will continue to add flights. Avianca, for example, will introduce an additional daily rotation between Cali and MIA.

Talks are also underway for the introduction of flights from Miami to India, Japan, and Serbia, demonstrating MIA’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of travellers and businesses alike.

Crucially, MIA’s development isn’t constrained by slot controls or curfews, giving it the operational flexibility needed to thrive in a dynamic market. Embarking on a monumental $7 billion Capital Improvement Program (CIP), MIA aims to elevate its infrastructure to even greater heights.

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The comprehensive CIP encompasses a wide array of initiatives aimed at enhancing every aspect of the airport. From terminal expansion and redevelopment to the development of hotels, parking facilities, premium lounges, and an extensive selection of shopping and dining options, MIA is poised to redefine the airport experience. This ambitious investment underscores MIA’s commitment to delivering a world-class experience for travellers while accommodating the increasing demand for air travel.

But MIA’s vision extends beyond infrastructure upgrades. The recent launch of the “I AM MIA” campaign on 29 February 2024, sees dedicated teams patrolling the terminal, addressing maintenance issues, and proactively attending to passenger inquiries and concerns.

Beyond its role as a transportation hub, MIA serves as the hemispheric hub for the distribution of perishables and is a key player in the global pharmaceutical industry. These partnerships have cemented MIA’s position as the top international freight airport in the United States. In 2023 alone, MIA facilitated total trade amounting to $74.6 billion and handled 1.3 million tons of cargo, excluding in-transit freight.

Miami International Airport’s strong start to 2024, coupled with its ambitious expansion plans and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction, solidify its standing as a top-tier hub, not only within the United States but also further afield.

Germany’s Condor is just one of several international carriers to launch flights to MIA this year
Germany’s Condor is just one of several international carriers to launch flights to MIA this year

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