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New improvements to enhance passenger experience at Dublin Airport

With over 120,000 daily passengers, Dublin Airport will provide a more smoother and enjoyable travel experience
With over 120,000 daily passengers, Dublin Airport will provide a more smoother and enjoyable travel experience

Dublin Airport is in the midst of an exciting summer with a slew of enhancements across both terminals. The airport’s management has unveiled eight major commitments aimed at significantly improving the passenger experience, building on the successful implementation of its 15-point “Better Dub” improvement plan last year.

In a bid to minimise wait times, Dublin Airport has set a goal to ensure that at least 90% of passengers experience a swift security screening process, taking no longer than 20 minutes. Furthermore, this summer, more than half of passengers are benefiting from the new C3 scanners. These advanced scanners aim to streamline the security process, although all existing security protocols will remain intact until a complete rollout is achieved.

Following a 37% increase in passenger satisfaction scores in 2023 compared to the previous year, Dublin Airport is further working to enhance service standards this year. As a result, travellers now have more choice than ever with the addition of 23 new food and beverage outlets opening throughout the year, offering a variety of dining experiences.

Importantly, Dublin Airport is committed to ensuring accessibility for all passengers. This includes the addition of sensory rooms and more entertainment options for children, making it a friendly airport for families and individuals with additional needs.

Dublin Airport

Both terminals have seen significant enhancements in restroom facilities, improving comfort and convenience for all travellers. In addition, to accommodate more passengers comfortably, Dublin Airport has added 350 new seats, bringing the total to 7,500, while car parking prices for the summer have remained at the same level as in 2023. Additionally, the use of alternative public transport options is actively encouraged to facilitate easier access to the airport.

Dublin Airport isn’t just stopping with physical improvements. According to Gary McLean, the Managing Director of Dublin Airport, management is keenly focused on listening to and implementing passenger and staff feedback. A new feature on the Dublin Airport app now allows passengers to submit their feedback directly, and the newly introduced Passenger Panel is set to play a crucial role in identifying and resolving any issues passengers face.

With more than 120,000 passengers passing through its doors daily, Dublin Airport is a busy hub. This summer, it aims to not only meet but exceed passenger expectations with its comprehensive range of enhancements. Whether it’s through quicker security checks, better dining options, or increased comfort, Dublin Airport is set to provide a smoother and more enjoyable travel experience for all.

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