OneAlpha Software Rising To Industry Challenges

OneAlpha Technologies, the next generation airport capacity management and slot coordination software company, continues to go from strength to strength.

The team has expanded, and is pleased to announce the appointment of Carl Jones to the position of Vice President Global Business Development.

Carl is known to many in the aviation industry, having spent the last 15 years in senior airport management roles. Prior to joining OneAlpha, Carl was the SVP Aviation Development at Brisbane Airport, and before that spent 5 years at Vancouver Airport and 7 years at Melbourne Airport leading the Aviation Business Development teams to record growth, working across commercial, planning, operations, forecasting, analytics and capacity management teams.

Carl Jones OneAlpha Technologies

“I look forward to sharing our software platform with the worlds airports and slot coordinators” Carl said. “Now more than ever, being nimble and having the ability to respond to the constantly changing operating environment and airline schedules is critical. Having lived it first hand, I know the importance of putting timely information in the hands of airport management and slot coordinators  alike to work through the complexities of each season’s schedule, and get the most out of airport assets. We understand this is critical in a normal operating environment, its even more critical for the complexities of a COVID recovery operating environment.

So who is OneAlpha and what does the software platform offer?

OneAlpha is a cloud-based next generation airport capacity management and slot coordination software platform. Our system is purpose built for industry,  the result of over 60 years of  aviation experience with software development expertise.

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Used by airports and coordinators across the globe, OneAlpha is committed to providing comprehensive airport and coordination insights in an intuitive and user-friendly format.

Key features:

  • Cloud-based dynamic software platform
  • Airport capacity management and coordination functionality across runway, apron and terminal capacity
  • Leading industry apron planning tool
  • Streamlined slot messaging system and automated checking
  • Dynamic PowerBI reporting suite to share with internal and external stakeholders
  • Access to tailored customer support and training

OneAlpha’s next generation airport capacity management and slot coordination software can play a key role in saving significant time airport management and slot coordinators alike. Importantly empowering our clients in providing timely insights to help maximize airport assets in covid recovery.One Alpha Technology Clients


Our Clients

Currently we have over 40 airports in seven countries on board and the list is growing. From Europe to South America, Australia to the United States – OneAlpha is used in 42 Airports globally for slot coordination, infrastructure planning and capacity management.

Airports coordinated using OneAlpha include Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Shannon, Perth, Viracopos, Newark (Terminal B), Cairns, Darwin, Manilla, Adelaide, Port Moresby, Gold Coast, and a number of airports in Saudi Arabia.

OneAlpha technologies


Athens International Airport

Our Services

 Airport Capacity Management

On the airport capacity management front, OneAlpha provides a clear view into current and future capacity of airports, enabling capacity optimization, as well as planning for future growth and infrastructure upgrades.

Gain insights into infrastructure usage across runway, apron, and terminal. Understand how changes to flight schedules and infrastructure to flight schedules and infrastructure will impact capacity in the current season, and in future seasons.

Create forecasts scenarios to support future airport planning – capacity management, operational, commercial and infrastructure planning in covid recovery.

Passenger Flow by Season Report CHART

Slot Coordination

Cloud based software that allows coordination of terminal, runway, and apron, all on one software platform. OneAlpha’s state-of-the-art message management and tracking system allows slots requests and messaging to be followed through each step of the process, through each capacity constraint and to the outcome.

A key benefit for slot coordinators is the automation of the receipt and processing of slot requests, analysing capacity and allocating slots quickly and efficiently. This functionality, and the automation of data checks, can turn processes that take 2-3 weeks into a matter of hours.

 OneAlpha is a fully automated airport slot coordination and capacity management solution which offers a holistic approach for airport management and planning.

Airline Portal schedule by week heatmap

Learn More or Book a Demo

Carl and the OneAlpha team looks forward to connecting with World Routes attendees to showcase how this software solution can potentially benefit your airport.

To request more information or book a demonstration, please submit your information via our website or contact Carl directly at


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