Ryanair will open two new Italy bases this summer; Olbia also returns

Ryanair new base

Ryanair is the largest airline serving Italy, both domestically and internationally. Examining Cirium data for S24 shows that the carrier has nearly one in two domestic seats (46%), and more than one in four internationally (28%).

It is solidly the ULCC’s largest country market. Its Italian network comprises 31 airports this summer – more than any in other country. Some 19 of its airports are bases, including two that will open in 2024. The carrier will also return to Olbia, but it won’t be a base.

A Trieste base is coming

Ryanair has served Trieste for over 20 years. Located in Northeast Italy, the city is nearly on the Slovenian border, with Croatia (reached via Slovenia) also nearby. Trieste is closer to Ljubljana and Zagreb than it is to Milan. Prior to the Slovenia and Croatia joining the EU, passengers often flew to Trieste and travelled overland to obtain lower fares.

TRS route map

The ULCC will station one aircraft in Trieste this summer with 18 routes planned, seven more than in S23 and 14 more than in the pre-pandemic S19. It plans 53-weekly departing flights in July. The domestic market will have more than half of the available seats with Bari, Brindisi, Cagliari, Catania, Naples, Palermo and Olbia served.

Of the 18 routes, just one – Olbia – will have direct competition. In total, six routes are brand-new to Ryanair network:

  • 31 March: Brindisi (3-weekly in July)
  • 1 April: Seville (2)
  • 2 April: Berlin (2)
  • 3 April: Olbia (3)
  • 5 April: Krakow (2)
  • 2 June: Budapest (2)

Ryanair at Trieste S14-S24

Prague International Airport

A base is also coming at Reggio Calabria

Despite Ryanair’s enormous Italian presence, it has never served Reggio Calabria, which is located by the sea across from Sicily. Until now, it has only flown to Lamezia Terme in Calabria, which is about 125 kilometres away.

That changes at the end of April when it opens a one-aircraft base at Reggio with eight routes, as detailed below. It will have 22-weekly flights in July, with the aircraft in the air before 07:20 and back by 00:25.

  • 25 April: Bologna (5-weekly in July)
  • 25 April: Turin (4)
  • 25 April: Venice VCE (3)
  • 26 April: Barcelona (2)
  • 26 April: Marseille (2)
  • 27 April: Tirana (2)
  • 28 April: Berlin (2)
  • 28 April: Manchester (2)

It will be the second airline at the airport, joining ITA Airways. It last had two operators in 2022, when now defunct Blue Air served it.

Ryanair Base

What is happening at Olbia?

According to Cirium data, Ryanair has had an on-again, off-again relationship with the Sardinian airport. It flew there until 2004, returned in 2008, pulled out the following year, and returned – very briefly – in 2015. It is unclear if its 2015 presence was due to runway works elsewhere.

The carrier returns to Olbia in S24 with 10 routes, with the first beginning on April 2, although the airport won’t be a base. Only four routes will have no direct competition: Brussels CRL, Krakow, Paris BVA and Trieste. Based on available seats, Olbia will be Ryanair’s 24th most-served Italian airport out of the 31 in its network this summer.

OLB route map

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