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Sabre employs AI for product innovation and explores solutions for air freight sector

Sabre Consulting

Sabre, a leading technology provider for the global travel industry, has consistently been at the forefront of innovation. With a commitment to enhancing the travel experience for both providers and consumers, Sabre is continuing to innovate its products through the use of new technologies to meet the evolving demands of the travel sector.


Sabre is leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to provide deeper insights into passenger forecasts and schedule optimisation. By analysing vast amounts of data from multiple sources, Sabre’s solutions enable airlines to make informed decisions, optimise their networks, increase profitability and reduce costs.


Shannon AIrport

Speaking to Air Service One at the 154th IATA Slot Conference in Bogota, Murtuza Razvi, Director Product Management – Network Planning & Optimization at Sabre, said: “We are using data as the basis for our tools and analysing that data so we can come up with more relevant outcomes for airlines. We are exploring how GenAI capabilities can give better and quicker answers to the users of our tools.”


Razvi noted: “Airlines are looking not only at how to optimise their passenger fleet but also their cargo fleet. That is an area we want to explore and see how we can bring product synergies to provide comprehensive solutions that cater to both passenger and cargo airlines.”

Aeroporti di Roma