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Salt Lake City International: The first new US large-hub airport

The New SLC Airport Redevelopment Program will transform Salt Lake City International Airport
The New SLC Airport Redevelopment Program will transform Salt Lake City International Airport

Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) is undergoing a major transformation with the ongoing implementation of “The New SLC Airport Redevelopment Program”. Over the past two years, the airport has experienced significant growth, marked by the introduction of five new airlines, enabling it to surpass its pre-pandemic passenger levels in 2023. As the new year unfolds, SLC is poised for another exceptional result, with expanded flight options and destination offerings.

Fall of 2023 marked a pivotal moment with the inauguration of Phase 2 of The New SLC, which introduced 22 additional gates and 19 new shops and restaurants. This expansion, particularly of Concourse A to the east, eliminated the need for the temporary Delta hardstand operation, providing carriers with permanent spaces to operate from.

As the calendar inches closer to October 22, 2024, anticipation is building for the unveiling of Phase 3 of The New SLC. Among its key features is the Central Tunnel, designed to offer passengers a seamless path between concourses A and B. The initial phase will see the opening of five new gates and 12 additional concessions, enhancing both convenience and amenities for travellers.

Central to the passenger experience within the Central Tunnel will be the River Tunnel art installation. Spanning 1,000 feet, this immersive artwork, conceived by artist Gordon Huether, draws inspiration from Utah’s natural beauty, specifically its rivers weaving through mountains and canyons. Through meticulous attention to detail, from the terrazzo flooring to the cohesive blue theme adorning the walls, ceiling, and lighting, Huether creates a harmonious and captivating environment for airport visitors.

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Looking ahead, the final phase of The New SLC, slated for completion in late 2026, promises further enhancements. Phase 4 will introduce an additional 16 gates, 15 shops and restaurants, as well as amenities such as a United Club and common use lounge. This ambitious redevelopment will elevate SLC International’s capacity from 78 contact gates to 94 within a span of six years.

Beyond its physical expansion, The New SLC distinguishes itself as a trailblazer in sustainability. Not only is it the first large-hub airport in the United States to be built in the 21st century, but it also boasts LEED Gold certification, a testament to its commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.

Salt Lake City International Airport’s evolution with The New SLC signifies more than just infrastructural enhancements; it represents a reimagining of the travel experience. With its forward-thinking design, focus on passenger comfort, and dedication to sustainability, SLC is poised to set a new standard for airport excellence.

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