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Shannon Airport eyes more connectivity for one of Ireland’s biggest catchments

Shannon Airport

Shannon Airport in western Ireland is one of the country’s fastest growing. Having already surpassed its pre-pandemic passenger levels, it is on course to record further growth this year. Boasting a US pre-clearance facility and the largest catchment area in Ireland, outside of the capital city, the airport has now set its sights on improving its European hub connectivity to meet the needs of its local travellers.

Speaking to Air Service One at the 154th IATA Slot Conference in Bogota, Declan Power, Head of Aviation Development at Shannon Airport, said: “We are probably the biggest region in the UK and Ireland that does not have European hub connectivity. We don’t have a service into Amsterdam, Paris, or Frankfurt. So, that’s our key priority because we have over 50% of foreign direct investment in our catchment area. Our corporate travellers don’t just need access to Europe, but they need access to the Far East and similar markets and unfortunately, they have to travel through Dublin, so we need that connectivity.”

Shannon AIrport

Since the pandemic, Shannon Airport has seen the launch of over 15 new services. Within the airport’s catchment, the public increasingly wants to fly out of its local airport rather than use alternatives in the country.

Power adds: “It just shows that people want to fly from their local airport if the services are in place. We have 35 destinations this year and extremely high load factors and high yields based on the feedback we are getting from the airlines. We are the fastest growing airport in Ireland outside of Dublin and next year we will probably be the fastest growing airport in the country.”

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