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Slot Regulation Developments in Latin America and the Caribbean

Slot Regulation Developments in Latin America and the Caribbean

As delegates prepare for the upcoming International Air Transport Association (IATA) Slot Conference in Bogotá, Colombia, returning to the region for the first time in several decades, IATA sat down with Air Services One to discuss the status of slot regulation in the region.

According to IATA, traffic in Latin America and the Caribbean has grown at a rapid pace, even faster than originally projected post-pandemic. For 2024, passenger volumes are expected exceed 2019 levels by 13%. In the medium term, IATA estimates that by 2027 the region’s passenger traffic will be nearly 30% above 2019 levels.

The challenge is to ensure that this growth is supported by an adequate airport infrastructure. Today, 37 airports in the region have been declared Level 3 or Level 2 – most of them in the last 10 years – given the high passenger demand for travel to destinations in the region. Currently all regional congested hub airports follow the Worldwide Airport Slot Guidelines (WASG).

“We are pleased to see that regulators in the region are aligning with the WASG, including following the WASG Calendar of activities – a key element of the coordination process” said Oracio Marquez, IATA’s Regional Director of External Affairs and Sustainability.

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There are still some areas, such as the monitoring of slot compliance, the creation of coordination committees, and the complete independence of slot coordinators, that need to be addressed so that these airports remain fully aligned with the WASG. “IATA is constantly working to align all coordinators in the region with international standards and we will continue to advocate for the full adoption of the WASG,” explained Marquez.

IATA highlights the great work carried out by countries such as Brazil and Peru, which are leaders in compliance with the WASG. Marquez adds: “IATA will continue to work with countries in the region to adopt international best practices in all areas to ensure the best possible operation at congested airports. Recently, we have been working with certain airports in the Caribbean towards becoming designated Level 2 airports following the WASG.”

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