St. Louis Airport rides the wave of regional prosperity

St. Louis Lambert International Airport to reach record passenger levels in current fiscal year

Located near the population center of the United States, St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL) is the region’s gateway to national and international travel. Serving a metropolitan area of nearly three million residents and an air service catchment area of more than five million residents, STL is the airport of choice for the St. Louis Bi-State (Missouri and Illinois) Region.

STL has experienced strong growth with many months of year-over-year passenger increases. In the Fiscal Year ending June 2019, STL served over 15 million passengers, the most since 2004, and over 11 million local passengers, the most since 2000.  STL expects to exceed those results in the current Fiscal Year and looks to surpass the 16 million passenger count in the next few years.

STL supports a metropolitan area with a highly diversified economy that is the fourth largest in the Midwest ($173 Billion GDP) and home to 15 Fortune 1,000 companies and seven Fortune 500 companies, as well as major business divisions across a wide range of industries that employ a highly talented 1.5-million-member workforce.

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The region boasts worldwide leadership in agtech, as well as emerging technologies like geospatial intelligence, cyber security, and bioscience, and is home to top-rated healthcare institutions, financial services and information technology companies, manufacturing (automotive and aerospace) and state-of-the-art logistics and distribution facilities.

St. Louis has always fostered an entrepreneurial spirit and is currently experiencing a burgeoning startup scene that has launched a new wave of innovative businesses.  This, along with the growth of some of America’s best-known St. Louis based companies, is driving the region toward an economic evolution that has been, and will continue to be, transformational.

STL is perfectly positioned and has the available capacity to take advantage of the growing regional demand for air service, whether it be for business or leisure. The nearly six million residents of the St. Louis catchment area are clamoring for more air service, giving airlines a perfect growth opportunity.

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