KTW to Polamar

Katowice has a surprisingly large catchment area of about eight million people within a 50km radius and 13+ million within 100km. It is a major industrial area and is among Poland’s largest airports for freight. It is also the country’s leading airport for charter flights. It had 60+ charter routes in all-important summer. In the […]


Charter carrier Plus Ultra inaugurated flights between Katowice in Poland and the island of Margarita in Venezuela on Friday 10 November. The 8,575-kilometre service, which is being maintained on behalf of the Rainbow Tours tour operator, will be maintained weekly with the 296-seat A330-300 aircraft. No other carrier flies on the route. Flight PU973 departs […]

November 17, 2023 | Latest Route News +

LOT Polish Airlines

Excluding the Russian domestic market, Poland had more passengers this summer than any other country across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Airport data collected by Air Service One for April-September shows that 11 of Poland’s busiest airports had 25.0 million passengers, down 12% versus 2019. Poland’s traffic was double that of Romania, the CEE’s second-largest […]