Located just outside of Manchester in New Hampshire, close to the state border with Massachusetts, Manchester-Boston Regional Airport is just over 70 kilometres north of Boston Logan Airport. Back in 2005 it handled almost 4.3 million passengers, with Southwest the dominant airline. Other carriers present at the time were Air Canada, Continental, Delta, Independence Air, […]

Frontier and Spirit

The recent announcement that America’s two biggest ULCCs, Frontier and Spirit, plan to merge came as something of a surprise to many in the industry. However, with similar business models and significant fleet commonality it makes a lot of sense. The combined entity would become the fifth biggest carrier in the US behind the big […]

CEO Heavy Weights

The Airline CEO Heavyweights session at Routes Americas 2021 yesterday brought together leaders from Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and the US Travel Association to discuss some of the challenges brought by the pandemic and how they have managed to remain in a relatively favourable position to weather the crisis. Sharing some of the key lessons […]

June 24, 2021 | Airlines, Airports, North America