Air Service One talks with…. Miguel Angel Perez Alba, Brand & Marketing Director at Visit Valencia.

Air Service One has interviewed many airlines and airports in the last few years and now we get to chat with Miguel Angel Perez Alba, Brand & Markets Director at Visit Valencia who has been a regular face at air service events worldwide promoting the Spanish destination of Valencia for years! With so many reasons […]

Australia Vienna-Valencia

Located nearly halfway down Spain’s long coastline, Valencia is the country’s third most populous city and metro area. While less ‘touristy’ than better known cities and destinations, it has grown enormously recently. According to Aena figures, passengers exceeded one million for the first time in the airport’s history. Traffic rose by more than a fifth […]


The Mediterranean city is this year’s World Design and European Smart Tourism Capital! Miguel Angel Pérez, Brand & Markets Director at Visit Valencia, explains to Air Service One, why 2022 is the year of Valencia or as their new claim, why “Valencia is now”. Pérez explains “we had very tough recent years (as did every […]

May 16, 2022 | Airports, Europe, News & Analysis