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The Athens International Airport Network Report June 2024

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Athens International Airport is a thriving aviation hub that plays a pivotal role in Greece’s economy and contributes significantly to the country’s development. Its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction positions Athens as a leading airport operator in Europe and beyond.

During 2023, Athens achieved a new record in passenger traffic, reaching 28.17 million passengers, reflecting a 10.2% increase compared to 2019, resulting in an additional 2.6 million passengers. Athens was one of the few capital and major airports in Europe, based on ACI Europe data, that not only recovered to pre-pandemic levels but also achieved strong growth. International traffic accounted for 69% of the total traffic, with two international regions demonstrating the most spectacular growth in 2023: Western Europe, which recorded an increase of 9%, and the North America market, which achieved an increase of 54% compared to 2019.

Athens welcomed 28.17mio travellers in 2023; a New record in the 22 years of airport history.
Athens welcomed 28.17mio travellers in 2023; a New record in the 22 years of airport history.

Strong growth in traffic continues during the first 4 months of 2024, reaching 7.7 million passengers, marking a 16.5% increase compared to the same period in 2023, delivering an additional 1.1 million passengers already. This remarkable development is driven by the international market, which saw a 20.2% increase compared to 2023, while intra-Greece traffic also rose by 8.4%. Despite the total losses of Russian and Ukrainian traffic, Eastern Europe is showing impressive growth during the first quarter of the year, with a 5.3% increase. The reopening of the Chinese market is amplifying traffic in the Asian region, which is improving by 31.2% compared to 2019. Additionally, Athens’s newest route to Shanghai is expected to further boost the market.

Connectivity & Network Developments

In 2023, Athens was directly connected with scheduled services to 165 destinations-airports in 57 countries, operated by 66 airlines. Athens was ranked as the 9th best Mega-Hub connected airport in Europe by OAG (2023), benefiting from the expansion of the network with many new destinations and even more services and frequencies on existing routes.

Athens has a dense network in Europ, Middle East and North Africa, significant connections to the North America and key points in Far East Asia.
Athens has a dense network in Europe, Middle East and North Africa, significant connections to the North America and key points in Far East Asia.

Significant developments are also announced for 2024 with the addition of 6 new destinations, 6 new airlines, and 17 additional new services on existing routes. Furthermore, Delta Airlines will increase services from Boston to daily (4/7 in 2023), while American Airlines is extending the season to both Chicago and Philadelphia. United Airlines will add a new service to Chicago and extend the season to Newark and Washington. Air Canada is increasing its weekly frequencies to almost triple daily to accommodate the ever-growing demand. Aegean is adding a 4th daily service to London (LHR), Scoot will extend its 5th freedom service to Berlin year-round, Ethiopian Airlines will extend its Addis Ababa-Athens service to Warsaw (June 2024) and Air China will increase services to Beijing to 6 weekly, from 3 weekly in 2023.


Athens network is further enriched in 2024, with 6 New Destinations, 6 New Airlines and 17 New/Additional services

Athens International Airport


Airport Charges, Incentives & Marketing Support

Athens is one of the very few major European capital airports that is not increasing its aeronautical charges for 2024. Athens will maintain charges unchanged for the 16th consecutive year. Furthermore, Athens offers the most comprehensive incentives scheme in the world, comprising 14 different elements designed to cover all possible route developments and offering multi-layer coverage.

The strong demand for Athens generates additional traffic volumes in the summer season, particularly during the most commercial hours of the day. Aiming to alleviate part of the burden during those times and safeguard customer service levels and passengers’ travel experience, Athens introduced a new incentive scheme in 2024, namely “Customer Service Optimization,” offering strong discounts on landing and parking charges for arrivals and departures during the less busy hours of the day.

Recognition / Award

Athens network’s recovery and restoration of connectivity, along with the impressive growth of passenger traffic, and excellence in aviation marketing strategy, were recognised by the airlines themselves and led Athens International Airport to the top airport of Europe in the highly competitive category of airports with more than 20 million passengers annually, in “ROUTES EUROPE 2024” awards.




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