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The World’s Best Slot Coordination System Just Got Even Better

PDC Team

The PDC SCORE system is the most advanced and widely used slot coordination system in the world with 49 customers covering more than 400 airports worldwide.

With dedicated customers worldwide, the PDC SCORE system is continuously being improved in new, innovative ways. PDC SCORE users around the world meet annually to discuss new enhancements and share knowledge of their PDC SCORE system.

The collaboration and close partnerships between our dedicated customers and the PDC SCORE team keep pushing the boundaries to enhance the World’s Best Slot Coordination System even more – to the benefit of all PDC SCORE users worldwide.

Some of the enhancements in the past year include:

  1. Introducing the PDC Dashboard
    The PDC Dashboard enables you to analyse on your operation and share operational and forecasted data with internal and external stakeholders.
    Visual presentations of PDC SCORE or other data performance measures save time compared to running multiple reports. The ideal solutions to share data with your stakeholders.


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  1. New and enhanced OCS platform
    With the purpose of elevating user experience for the OCS platform, a completely new interface of the OCS platform is scheduled to be released in 2022.
    Don’t miss out on trying the new look and feel of your Online Coordination System.


  1. PDC SCORE got even better
    Running completely on 64bit which leads to even faster performance than before!
    Enjoy even more advanced features and settings such as
  • Parking allocation with Link and Swing Gate constraints.
  • Improvement of the already very advanced constraint settings with new constraint types like separation constraint.
  • And many other features which facilitate the daily tasks of schedulers and coordinators.

Though, COVID has had a tough impact on our beloved industry, the PDC SCORE team is still here to train and support you.

No matter where in the world you are located, you can always reach out to the team. We have offices located in Canada, Colombia, UK, Singapore and Denmark to support you no matter the time zone.



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