Turkish Airlines has a record 175 weekly departures to North America with 19 routes

Turkish Airlines to DEN

Turkish Airlines is the only carrier with flights between Türkiye and North America. Not even other Star Alliance airlines operate. It was not always this way. According to Cirium data, United Airlines served Istanbul until 2013, Air Transat until 2014, Delta Air Lines until 2015 and Air Canada until 2017.

The market has not had another airline for seven years. Part of the reason is Turkish Airlines’ fast growth and dominance, especially post-COVID. In August 2024, it will be the tenth-largest operator between North America and Europe by flights and eighth by both available seats and available seat kilometers.

Turkish Airlines North American

19 North American routes

The 15 November 2023 launch of Istanbul to Detroit helped Turkish Airlines’ development (6-weekly in August), followed by the 11 June 2024 start of Denver (3-weekly, 4 from July).

Some 19 airports in the US, Canada and Mexico are now served. It has introduced six routes since 2019. Joining Detroit and Denver were Newark (May 2021, previously served until 1994), Vancouver (May 2021), Dallas DFW (September 2021) and Seattle (May 2022).

Athens International Airport

The airline’s Chairman recently said that Charlotte, Minneapolis, Orlando and Philadelphia may materialise, although he gave no indication when this might be. The amount of traffic to the Balkans and wider southern/southeastern Europe, Caucasus, the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and South Asia will be vital.

TK North American

The routes average 10 weekly in August

Some 15 of the 19 routes are served at least daily, with an average of 10-weekly departures. Canada is famous for its lack of air traffic rights which has hampered Qatar Airways, Emirates, and Turkish Airlines’ growth. This is why Montreal and Vancouver remain at just 3-weekly and why Toronto only grew to daily in 2024. Like Emirates from Dubai, perhaps Turkish Airlines will use Air Canada to increase access to Canada.

Turkish Airlines inaugurated flights to Mexico City and Cancun in August 2019. They remain served triangularly, operating Istanbul-Mexico City-Cancun-Istanbul. Doing so also helps overcome Mexico City’s hot and high conditions, which reduce take-off performance and may undermine economic performance. Flights have risen from just 3-weekly when the route started to 11, the greatest growth of any of its North American routes.

Turkish Airlines North American

Athens International Airport