US & Canada to Colombia is fast-growing; Avianca is the top carrier; Emirates is coming


The US/Canada to Colombia market is enormous. In 2023, approximately 5.1 million people flew between them, equivalent to about 14,000 daily. The US had about 95% of the traffic.

Examining Cirium schedules information shows that non-stop departing seats in S24 have surpassed two million, passing this milestone for the first time. Capacity has risen by 55% versus S19 and by 12% versus S23, the previous record. It is among the world’s fastest-growing markets.

Changes continue. Emirates will begin Dubai-Miami-Bogota on a fifth freedom passenger basis in June. That month, JetBlue will cease flying to the Colombian capital, having flown there since 2009. Meanwhile, Avianca has just inaugurated its first flights to Montreal.

US/Canada-Colombia capacity S14-S4

Avianca begins Montreal service

According to Cirium, Avianca has served Canada (Toronto) from Colombia since December 2021. Montreal came online on 31 March 2024, when the Colombian flag carrier commenced service from Bogota (4-weekly A320neo). It joins Air Canada on the 4,515-kilometre airport pair (3-weekly A330-300).

Montreal is Avianca’s ninth destination from Colombia in the US/Canada (including the US territory of Puerto Rico). It also serves Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, New York JFK, Orlando, San Juan, Toronto and Washington IAD.


Avianca is comfortably the leading operator

When all carriers with non-stop seats are considered, Avianca is very much the number one operator, as would be expected. It is twice the size of the second-ranked American.

Avianca has about 39% of all capacity. When LATAM is added, the pair have 45% of the market. US/Canadian airlines have 53% spread across eight airlines. The only other Colombian operator in recent times was Viva, which ceased to exist in early 2023. It operated from Medellin to Miami and Orlando.

Athens International Airport

Notice Emirates, which accounts for the remaining 2%. Partly to use an aircraft that would otherwise spend many hours on the ground in Miami, Emirates will launch Dubai-Miami-Bogota in June, becoming the carrier’s longest passenger route. It will be more about Miami-Bogota passengers than those travelling from Bogota to places served via Dubai.

US/Canada-Colombia airlines S24

Thirteen US/Canadian airports are served from Canada

Non-stop Colombia flights in S24 go to 13 US/Canadian airports. Not surprisingly, Miami and Fort Lauderdale account for more than one in two available seats. When Orlando is included, Florida has 62% of capacity. Only Chicago ORD (April 2019) and Los Angeles (January 2024) have lost Colombian service in the past 20 years.

Seven Colombian airports have flights. In order of available seats, they are Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena, Cali, Barranquilla, Pereira and Armenia. Naturally, Bogota is heavily dominant (58%) and has more capacity than the other six airports combined. These airports are no longer linked to North America: Bucaramanga (January 2024), San Andres Island (May 2023) and Santa Marta (August 2023).

US/Canada airports with Colombia services S24

Miami-Bogota is the top airport pair

When all airlines are considered, there are 34 non-stop US/Canada-Colombia airport pairs. It has risen from 30 in S19 and fallen from 36 in S23. This shows how much the considerable expansion has been from densifying existing markets.

The top 10 airport pairs have more than six in ten of the capacity. To no one’s surprise, Miami-Bogota remains number one. There are 70-weekly flights in July, with Avianca (28), American (21), LATAM (14), and Emirates (7).

Top US /Canada - Colombia airports pairs S24

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