Volotea celebrates 60 million passengers; six airports have been added to its network

Volotea 60 million passengers

The first commercial flight of Spanish-headquartered Volotea was in April 2012. It has grown considerably in the subsequent 12 years, with its 60 millionth passenger carried in 2024.

It continues to focus on thin, mainly unserved leisure destinations. According to Planespotters.net, it has 43 aircraft: 23 A320ceos and 20 A319s. They average 17 years. Like the USA’s Allegiant, Volotea’s aircraft do not have to be used as much, which is especially helpful in the winter.

Unlike some other European (U)LCCs, more Volotea capacity is deployed domestically than internationally. More than one in two available seats in 2024 is domestic, albeit at a lower absolute quantity than in the COVID-hit 2022. However, with more growth opportunities, international markets will probably have a greater share of Volotea’s capacity in 2025.

Volotea development 2012-2024

Four countries are utterly vital

Analysing Cirium schedules data shows that Volotea’s all-important July-September (Q3) 2024 network comprises 107 airports in 17 countries in Europe and North Africa. New bases include Florence (2023), Bari (2024) and Brest (2024).

All of Volotea’s capacity is deployed to, from, and in France, Spain, Italy, and Greece. They particularly revolve around summer demand, with Volotea remaining a heavily summer-seasonal operator.

The airline’s seasonality has not changed much recently. In 2024, it has 4.8x the available seats in its highest month (August) than its lowest (February). This is almost unchanged versus the 4.7x in 2019. It reduced from 5.1x in 2023, influenced by the recovery early in that year.

Shannon AIrport

Volotea capacity seasonality 2019-2024

Nantes is Volotea’s top airport

Comparing the airline’s Q3 2024 network to Q3 2023 shows that Nantes is its most-served airport, even with less capacity year-on-year. Volotea is the largest operator at the French airport, from which it has 49 routes this quarter.

Strasbourg and Asturias have joined its top 10 airports list this year, pushing out Santorini and Bilbao. The biggest development is Lyon, which has risen four places to fourth. It plans six new routes from the airport this summer, which includes Marrakech, its first Moroccan route from the airport.

Using Cirium to examine its served airports in Q3 2024 versus 2023 shows that Castellon, Comiso, Hamburg, London LGW, Oslo OSL and Salerno have been added to its network. None have been removed. Salerno, near the Amalfi Coast, will open to commercial flights in July. Volotea will begin four routes, three domestic and one from Nantes. Salerno will be its 23rd airport in Italy.

Top 10 Volotea airports in Q3 2024

The lowest weekly flights of key (U)LCCs

Volotea is justifiably renowned for low average weekly flights. It has just 2.96 flights per route in Q3, lower than all the other (U)LCCs compared. Naturally, this goes with its targeted markets, with the contrast especially vivid with higher frequency and more business-focused Vueling and easyJet.

Average WF of European ULCC s Q3 2024

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