Wizz Air is Vienna’s third-largest carrier; has 33 routes but cut 50 since 2018

Wizz Air BIO and KWI

Wizz Air has served Vienna since April 2018, and its base opened later that year. The Austrian capital has been a hotbed of competition and capacity, as the airline fought it out with fellow ULCC Ryanair and its Laudamotion unit (later Lauda). Ryanair acquired a stake in Lauda in early 2018, rising to take full control a year later. By early 2020, Ryanair itself operated Vienna flights.

According to Cirium schedules information, Wizz Air’s Vienna capacity in Q1-Q2 (January-June) peaked at 729,000 departing seats in 2020. Ryanair is now three times the size of Wizz Air.

Wizz Air vs Ryanair in Vienna Q1/Q2 2018-2024

Vienna is Wizz Air’s 14h busiest airport, but fourth in 2020

The Wizz Air Group’s network between January and June 2024 comprises 193 destinations in 53 countries. Vienna is now its 14th most-served airport, the same position as last year, but down from fourth in 2020. (It is 12th for Ryanair.)

Wizz Air is Vienna’s third-largest operator, which is the case whether all capacity or only short-to-medium-haul is considered. It has about a 6% share of available seats, rising to 7% when only Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East are considered.

33 routes as far as Abu Dhabi; 16 compete directly with Ryanair

Examining Cirium information shows that Wizz Air has 33 Vienna routes in the first half of 2024, as the following map shows. They include Bilbao (2-weekly) and Kuwait (2), both of which launched on 13 June 2023. The routes are to 23 countries. Spain has the most capacity, followed by the UK, Italy, Serbia and Saudi Arabia.

It now serves eight Middle Eastern destinations as far away as Abu Dhabi, which is its second longest route across its entire network (only Rome FCO-Abu Dhabi is longer).

It operates from Vienna to four airports in Spain (Barcelona, Bilbao, Malaga, Tenerife TFS), followed by three in Saudi (Dammam, Jeddah, Riyadh) and Greece (Chania, Corfu, Zakynthos).

Athens International Airport

Wizz Air VIE network

London LGW is the most-served destination

In June, when 32 routes will operate, Wizz Air’s Vienna average frequency is 4-weekly against 3-weekly across its full network. Only four routes – London LGW, Barcelona, FCO and Tel Aviv – will be served at least daily. This assumes that Tel Aviv operates, with its planned frequency rising from 3-weekly to daily in mid-June.

Despite routes to nearby nations, its Vienna sector length averages 1,810 kilometres, about 14% longer than its system average. This is, of course, mainly due to the Middle East.

With a 2-daily operation, London LGW is by Wizz Air’s most-served route from the Austrian capital. It launched in March 2022 as it shifted from London LTN. While Wizz Air no longer has direct competition to the UK’s second-busiest airport, it was previously served by Level (until October 2019), British Airways (until January 2020) and easyJet (until December 2022).

Top Wizz Air Vienna routes Q1/Q2 2024

50 routes have been cut since 2018

This excludes airports that have since shut down and those it served temporarily, with a minimum of four weekly departures required to be included. As Kyiv IEV was scheduled when the Ukraine war started, it is included. However, Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia, both of which ended before the war started, are not. Vienna-Milan MXP had the most seat capacity of the 50 routes.

Wizz Air cut destinations

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