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Woven into the fabric of the world, Positive developments at Berlin Brandenburg Airport BER

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In these trying times, good news is needed more than ever. Studies show that what we read has a significant influence on how we think and act. That’s why Berlin Brandenburg Airport has decided to lead the way and, instead of only spreading post-Covid blues, offer a glimmer of hope on the horizon with some feel good news.

From the start, the outlook for BER was anything but favourable: after a long construction period and various difficulties, the new airport opened in the middle of great uncertainty due to the Covid pandemic. Despite the numerous prophecies of doom, we’re now on the path to slow but positive growth. The volume of traffic is currently around 50 to 60 percent of what it was before the crisis, and the trend is still rising. In October alone, the airport was used by up to 70,000 passengers a day. Many airlines have already begun new routes or are increasing the frequency of flights, in particular almost all European destinations are now being served again. With Bozen, Bornholm, Kaliningrad, Southampton and Dubai further destinations are constantly being added. New airlines such as Play, Sky Alps, Pegas Fly and Nordwind are discovering Berlin, but well-known players and big names such as United Airlines have announced to come on board again.

Incidentally, the Chicago-based scheduled airline will be the only one offering flights to the US next year. From May 2022, it will provide a completely new non-stop link between the German and the US capital. In addition to Washington DC, the airline will resume flights between Berlin and New York / Newark in March 2022. United isn’t the only airline with intercontinental flights on offer: Singapore Airlines’ sister company Scoot already flies daily to Singapore, of which three are non-stop flights.

Connected to the world

All of this means that the German capital is once again interwoven with the rest of the world, connections are increasing and becoming closer – this also benefits economic growth and increased tourism in the attractive work and leisure metropolis of Berlin. This is what fuels growth and that’s no problem for BER: our flexible management can easily scale to meet demand. Terminals 2 and 5 are brought online as required. Innovative ideas, such as the BER app or new self-service machines, also significantly improve passenger experience. And of course, there’s the train station located directly under the terminal building, which connects around eleven million people to the new airport with less than two-hour’s travel time.

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It’s moving forward, slowly but steadily. The opportunities at BER have seldom been as favourable as they are now, and the potential for successful business as promising as it is currently. Anyone who wants to benefit from the opportunities presented by a strong and prosperous BER, and surrounding region, knows what to do – ensuring that there’ll be even more good news in the future.

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