Transavia has 129 summer routes; added 4 airports but cut 2; Malaga is number one

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Transavia is the second-largest airline serving the Netherlands by available seats this summer. It operates from Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Rotterdam. Since 2022, the Dutch LCC, which focuses on leisure and VFR markets, has also operated from Belgium’s capital, Brussels. (This article does not examine Transavia France.)

Transavia has 13% of the Netherlands’ total capacity, increased to 16% when only Europe, North Africa, the Caucasus and the Middle East are considered. According to, it has 47 aircraft: 737-700s, 737-800s and A321neos. A320neos are coming; they’ll replace its 737-800s.

It serves 22 countries this summer

Analysing Cirium schedules information shows that Transavia’s S24 network comprises 81 destinations in 22 countries. While a hang-on from the winter season, the UAE was also served, with non-stop Amsterdam-Dubai DWC flights until mid-April.

Given the season, Spain has nearly half of its available capacity, with 17 airports seeing its equipment. The country is distantly followed by Greece (14 airports), Portugal (five), Italy (12) and Morocco (six). The five nations are so significant that 87% of Transavia’s capacity is to them. The airline has 296 weekly flights from the Netherlands/Belgium to Spain in August – a quarter of the total.

Comparing Transavia’s S24 country portfolio with S24 shows that Albania, Georgia and Norway are now served. No country has exited its network. Last year, France was its fifth most-served country, but it is now sixth thanks to seats falling by nearly a third. It has six routes, down from eight, with the end of Amsterdam-Paris ORY and Eindhoven-Bordeaux.

Top 10 Transavia countries S24

Some 81 destinations see Transavia

Seven Spanish airports made the carrier’s top 10 list. Malaga is number one, with 51-weekly flights in August from Amsterdam (21), Brussels (7), Eindhoven (11) and Rotterdam (12). Only Rotterdam has no direct competition.

Shannon AIrport

Four new airports have joined its route map compared to last summer. Oslo and Tirana have previously been served by Transavia, while Granada is a brand-new destination from the Netherlands. Tbilisi competes directly with Georgia Airways (3-weekly); it is the first time the airport pair has had two carriers since KLM pulled out in 2006.

  • 29 February 2024: Oslo from Eindhoven (4-weekly); Oslo was last served from Rotterdam in 2005
  • 6 March 2024: Tirana from Amsterdam (3-weekly); Tirana was last served in 2020
  • 20 April 2024: Tbilisi from Amsterdam (2-weekly)
  • 30 September 2024: Granada from Amsterdam (2-weekly)

While four airports have joined its network year-on-year, two are no longer served: Paris ORY and Bordeaux. ORY was briefly served from Rotterdam in 2008 and returned from Amsterdam in 2015. (Transavia France also flew ORY-Amsterdam.) Fast trains were a key reason for the end, also the lack of Amsterdam slots.

Top 10 Transavia destinations S24

Amsterdam-Malaga is the top route

Transavia has 129 routes in S24, based on having at least four departures. There is a median of 4-weekly flights per route. Of the 129, fifty-seven are from Amsterdam, 34 from Rotterdam, 26 from Eindhoven and 12 from Brussels. Surprisingly, its top 10 routes are from three of the four airports. Only Brussels does not feature; it first appears in the 35th position (to Alicante).

Comparing the airline’s leading network to S23 indicates that Rotterdam-Faro has fallen from eighth place to 11th. Replacing it is Amsterdam-Heraklion, which jumped from 14th to sixth. Yet it is Amsterdam-Malaga that is first, as it usually is. The airport pair has 57 weekly flights in August by Transavia (21), Vueling (15), easyJet (8), KLM (8) and Ryanair (5).

Top 10 Transavia routes S24

Athens International Airport